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January 1, Pelosi: “Democracy is What is at Stake”



This Day in History | 1884

The Washington Monument is finally completed after 52 years of difficulty raising the funds to complete construction.

Good Morning Middle Americans,

We knew this day would come. Heck Rep. Rashida Talib said in a very explicit way on the night that she won her congressional seat.  Let’s be honest, Democrats were always going to find a reason to impeach Donald Trump.  This week, Nancy Pelosi urged Congress to push ahead with articles of impeachment. Something that has only happened four times in our nation’s history.  What’s the rush? Well – we are just 59 days from the Iowa caucuses. The official start to the 2020 campaign season. 

Also today, millions of Americans are having trouble paying off their student loans. In fact, collectively Americans owe more than $1,000,000,000,000 in student loan debt. Sen. Rand Paul, a father of teens who are approaching college age, is proposing a plan to address this issue. Democrats are talking about a plan that would require you and I and our tax dollars to pay off that debt. Something has to be done. But critics of Sen. Paul’s plan say it like robbing Peter to pay Paul

Finally – we have a surprise entry on the top 10 list of the most popular baby names in America. 

Read all about it. 

– Fraser Dixon 

Democrats Say Trump Impeachment Charges Must Come Swiftly

(AP) – House Democrats moved aggressively to draw up formal articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Thursday, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying he “leaves us no choice” but to act swiftly because he’s likely to corrupt the system again unless removed before next year’s election.

A strictly partisan effort at this point, derided immediately by Trump and other leading Republicans as a sham and a hoax, it is a politically risky undertaking. Democrats say it is their duty, in the aftermath of the Ukraine probe, while Republicans say it will drive Pelosi’s majority from office.

Get a complete report on the impeachment process click here

Rand Paul Offering Bill to Combat Student Loan Debt

(Yahoo Finance) – Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) this week unveiled his plan to fix the student debt crisis by allowing borrowers to dip into their retirement accounts to pay off education loans and expenses.

But experts say the effort is misguided and, at worst, detrimental to Americans’ future security.

“It’s not like Americans are flush with retirement savings where they have money to spare to repay student debt,” Greg McBride, Bankrate’s chief financial analyst, told Yahoo Finance. “Taking withdrawals from retirement accounts will rob Americans of years of valuable compounding that is critical to accumulating a sufficient retirement nest egg.“

Learn more about the plan here

Muhammad Becomes a Top-10 Name for American Babies

(Washington Examiner) – The name Muhammad was listed as a top 10 most popular name for American baby boys in 2019.

Two Arabic names were included in the top names, with Aaliyah climbing into the top 10 for baby girls, according to a list compiled by Baby Center. The website, which touts itself as the “world’s number one digital parenting resource,” with seven in 10 expecting mothers in the United States visiting the site last year, created the list by asking 600,000 of its users what they named their child. Both Muhammad and Aaliyah were ranked 10 out of the list of 100 names.

Other top 10 boy names included Liam, Jackson, Noah, and Aiden. Top girl names included Olivia, Sophia, Ava, and Amelia.

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