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January 1, Parents in Fear as Prowler in White Van Targets Children



New London, Connecticut, is in a state of heightened alert as reports emerge of a man attempting to lure children into his white van.

The New London Police Department, in conjunction with the New London School District, is rigorously working to identify the suspect, whose latest sighting occurred near Bennie Dover Middle School.

The suspect is described as either White or Hispanic with black hair and a beard, which is either black or gray. The vehicle he’s been spotted in has tinted windows.

Residents of New London are understandably rattled.

“It makes me terrified; it makes me sick to my stomach,” expressed Mystique Elefante in a conversation with

With an infant daughter of her own, Elefante vocalized her fears, stating she’s “afraid for my daughter to grow up,” amidst such unsettling reports.

For New London Police Capt. Matt Galante, the situation demands immediate attention and stringent precautionary measures. Galante advises students to maintain groups for safety and to vocally alarm others if danger is sensed.

“Scream, yell, make as loud a sound as you possibly can. Scream for help,” he told WFSB. “There are strength in numbers. We encourage kids walking home from school to walk together.”

This alarming incident has prompted a community-wide call to vigilance. Capt. Galante emphasized the urgency of alertness within the community and the role of every individual in maintaining a watchful eye.

“We wanted to get the message out to parents and the community at large that this may be happening within our community and for people to be vigilant and look for these types of events,” he mentioned to NBC Connecticut.

The New London Police Department has urged anyone with relevant information to come forward, allowing for anonymous tips to be sent to the New London Tips 411 system.

The involvement of the community is crucial in aiding the ongoing investigation to ensure the safety of the young residents of New London, as law enforcement intensifies its efforts to locate the prowler and his vehicle.

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  1. Karen Thomas

    October 2, 2023 at 7:13 pm

    If they find this creep, all I can say is “Hang ’em high” like Clint Eastwood said.

    • Gerry Brasile

      October 2, 2023 at 7:58 pm

      I totally agree and then some. Pedophiles and rapists are the most evil creatures on earth and need to suffer greatly. I hope he gets caught quickly and no children get harmed.

  2. Anti-Fearmonger

    October 2, 2023 at 8:50 pm

    Why FEAR? Take control of the situation. How…HOW HAS HE NOT BEEN CAUGHT OR FOLLOWED CONSTANTLY? If you KNOW HE IS OUT THERE trying to kidnap children, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! AFRAID for your daughter growing up? I simply do not understand living in fear. Stop being afraid and CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT that is SAFE for your child(ren), that is FEARFUL to the degenerate! Arm yourself, install flood lights, HIGH QUALITY CAMERAS (not the pieces of crap most people buy that are totally worthless, so much so that one could not be positive that a SCHOOL BUS was recorded driving by your house.

    Living in fear ENABLES criminals. STOP DOING IT.

  3. LETSGOBRANDON Hehasdementia

    October 2, 2023 at 9:10 pm

    Since I cannot comment on the RIOT article below, I’ll comment on it here. None of those arrested will spend more than a couple days in jail after which they will do the same damn thing again. Unless PEOPLE prevent it. Look at Portland, Oregon. It’s a JOKE. While we can blame police for being extremely complacent, they are but a small part of the problem. While the fault of the criminal behaviour is 100% on the criminals, the lack of consequences for their criminal activity is 95% on the DISTRICT ATTORNEY(s), MAYORS and GOVERNORS of affected cities. Why expect the police to make arrests when they know the DA and Governor will simply let the animals back on the streets? They DO NOT CARE, as they have ARMED SECURITY, live and work nowhere near the businesses and residential areas they allow rioters to freely assault people, destroy property, loot businesses and terrorize.

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