December 24, 2021

Officials Warn of Heightened Hacking Threat During Holidays

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Senior cybersecurity officials sent a letter to corporate leaders, warning them to keep their heads on a swivel during the holiday season, saying that hackers are typically on the prowl when Americans are away from work.

“The holidays are an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and enjoy some well-earned rest,” wrote National Cyber Director Chris Inglis and Anne Neuberger, the national security advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology.

“Unfortunately, malicious cyber actors are not taking a holiday – and they can ruin ours if we’re not prepared and protected.”

The Biden administration has recently distributed similar warnings ahead of major holidays following a string of cyber attacks earlier in the year.

“Historically we have seen breaches around national holidays because criminals know that security operations centers are often short-staffed, delaying the discovery of intrusions,” the officials wrote.

“Beyond the holidays, though, we’ve experienced numerous recent events that highlight the strategic risks we all face because of the fragility of digital infrastructure and the ever-present threat of those who would use it for malicious purposes.”

“All of us can, and must, play a part to improve the Nation’s cybersecurity,” Inglis and Neuberger wrote. “The U.S. government and the private sector have accomplished much together in the past year, and we have much more to do in 2022 and beyond.”


Officials warn of increased hacking threat during holiday season

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