November 12, 2021

NY Black Lives Matter leader warns mayor-elect of ‘bloodshed’

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on NY Black Lives Matter leader warns mayor-elect of ‘bloodshed’

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams met with the city’s Black Lives Matter leader, who warned that there will be “bloodshed” if the city returns to its “old ways of policing.”

“If he thinks that they’re going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the streets again. There will be riots, there will be fire, and there will be bloodshed because we believe in defending our people,” said Hawk Newsome, the head of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York.

The pair met on Wednesday behind closed doors at the Borough Hall in Brooklyn to discuss policing. According to the New York Daily News, the tense meeting escalated into a shouting match.

Newsome particularly took issue with the possibility of the city reinstating its anti-crime unit, which he compared to the Nazi Gestapo.

“We will shut down City Hall, and we will give him hell and make it a nightmare,” Chivona Newsome, a co-founder of the group and Hawk’s sister, told the New York Daily News.

Adams, who is black, was a police officer for 22 years.


New York BLM leader warns Eric Adams of ‘bloodshed,’ ‘riots’ if city brings back tougher policing

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