July 21, 2022

NBA Champion Regrets Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

Andrew Wiggins, the Golden State Warriors forward who was an All-star nominee for the 2021-2022 season, said he regrets getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I still wish I didn’t get [vaccinated], to be honest with you,” Wiggins told FanSided’s Mark Carman. “But you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.”

“I did it, and I was an All-Star this year and champion, so that was the good part, just not missing out on the year, the best year of my career,” he said.

“But for my body, I just don’t like putting all that stuff in my body, so I didn’t like that and I didn’t like that it wasn’t my choice. I didn’t like that it was either get this or don’t play,” Wiggins added.

Wiggins initially resisted the NBA’s vaccine mandate and filed for a religious exemption. He ultimately got the vaccine after his exemption request was denied.

Despite his mixed feelings, Wiggins told Fox News Digital that he loves the Golden State organization.

“Steve [Kerr] is a great coach. A player’s coach,” Wiggins said. “He’s going to put everyone in a position to do well. He gives all his players confidence, and when you’re on the court, he lets you play your game. Whatever your game is, he lets you play it.”

“He keeps his team motivated. He keeps his team going, and he holds everyone accountable,” he said. “I love Golden State. I love the organization. They treat me and my family so well. I love it.”

6 comments on NBA Champion Regrets Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

  1. Rat Wrangler says:

    If nothing else, Mr. Wiggins has shown that the vaccine was not detrimental to his health, since he went on to become a champion and an All-Star after receiving it.

    1. Rattlerjake says:

      Just give it time. We’re already seeing athletes around the world dropping dead for no apparent reason. Now they created a new description for these “mysterious” deaths called SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), so they don’t have to admit it is an eventual reaction to these fake faxes. We will see thousands-millions of deaths in the near future.

      1. Rattlerjake says:

        “vaxes”, not “faxes”

      2. Lewrock.com contributers; especially global, Western medical specialists say the same warning. Big Pharm hasn’t ” purchased ” their integrity !

      3. Maque says:


    2. Don says:

      So??? It just proves he was one of the lucky one of the few who didn’t have physical issues from the fake vaccines. even Fauci has admitted they don’t work well. They’ve also caused serious damage to many.

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