March 8, 2022

MUST READ: Trump’s Letter to NBC

Former President Donald Trump blasted his former attorney general, William Barr, in a scathing letter to NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt.

“I made many great appointments during my Administration, and we accomplished more than most Administrations could even dream of, but Bill Barr was not one of my better picks,” Trump wrote.

“He crumbled under the pressure, and bowed to the Radical Left—And that is not acceptable. Now he is groveling for the media, hoping to gain acceptance that he doesn’t deserve.” 

The former president’s comments come days after Barr granted an extensive interview to Holt and NBC. The network had apparently asked Trump for comment on a number of statements Barr made during his sit-down interview.

“With respect to prosecuting political rivals, it was just the opposite,” Trump wrote.

“Despite the many crimes committed by the Biden family, I did not push Barr to go after them. While the things done were legendarily corrupt, I thought it would be inappropriate for me to get personally involved.”

Barr told NBC’s Today show that Trump’s letter is “par for the course.”

“The president is a man who, when he is told something, he doesn’t want to hear, he immediately throws a tantrum,” Barr said.


Scoop: Trump trashes Barr in rant to Lester Holt

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  1. Paul says:

    Doesn’t look like a tantrum to me. It appears to be a very straightforward response to the questions posed to him, complete with verifiable evidence.

    1. Terry says:

      I concur 100%. Liberals are drama queens and liars, not to mention that they constantly accuse others of actions that they, in fact, are guilty of.

      1. Lin says:

        100% agree. I thought Barr was a man of integrity going in, I was wrong just better at pretending g to be an honorable man. He is just like the other Swamp rats & a real disappoint to me.

      2. bob says:

        And then there is America hating Lester Dolt!!!!!!!

      3. Candace says:

        Hit that one right!!

      4. Seb26 says:

        I agree

        1. Sally says:

          Barr is to Nlame for most of what’s wrong in our Country. He will never redeem himself ,not even w it’s his book of lies for what he did.

          1. Seb26 says:


    2. Marilyn says:

      I watched TV as then President Trump spoke those very words and remember them well.

    3. John says:

      Agreed. Trump tried to question some of the things Barr was saying/doing after he started backstabbing Trump. Barr is just another failed politician like Joe Biden and company. He started out saying accusations against Trump were false or left wing conspiracies but switched when he thought backing Trump was not in his best interest like other corrupt politicians. I wonder when we will hear about Biden’s failures and corrupt activities. Probably see another book in the makings or a CNN position.. it’s all about greed, corruption and saving face.

    4. Janeane says:

      Absolutely! Trump 2024!!!

  2. Grizzly says:

    I see no shred of evidence of President Trump throwing a tantrum. He simply relayed what a great many of us certainly believe to be the case, in reference to the Biden’s. I too agree, Bill Barr “was not one of” his “better picks”. That being said I do feel our country was doing much better with President Trump than we are faring under our present occupying administration. imho.

    1. Greyghost says:

      EXACTLY !!

  3. Sue S says:

    Considering President Trump was accused of all kinds of thing for a solid 4 years and the Justice systems woefully slow processes, I don’t blame him for speaking up to defend himself. I though Barr was a good choice at the time but he seems to want to please both sides and you just can’t do that if you’re following the facts. Barr really should have gotten involved in election fraud but he had his head buried in the sand along with the courts.

  4. gunnygil says:

    Personally I have not trusted Least Holt since he did the school shooting as on scene. He lies he made up news and even interviewed a reporter as if the reporter was on scene when the reporter stated he was over a hundred miles away and on his way from NYC. Holt acted like he didn’t hear and kept on reporting as if the reporter saw things he did not. Even when the police chief stated they were going to use a shaped charge to blow open the shooter’s mother car trunk.. When the charge went off Holt stated that the car must have been bobby trapped and blew up when the cops tried to open it. Lester Holt is liar pure and simple and i wouldn’t even trust him to read a kids book to grade schoolers

    1. Janeane says:


  5. Steve Gebert says:

    I lean toward Trump because Holt is biased against Trump and did not do his homework. Look what was just found in WI, easily enough corruption to have turned the state of WI for Trump. and the corruption in MI and PA and that is before we get to the machines. With several hard drives going to TN and then conveniently being blown up. Worse yet, it can all be traced back to connections to Hillary Clinton, the mafia boss, who has at least partly owned the storage building and destroyed the building storing the hard drives from the 2020 election so one can not verify those votes and voters. Sounds like her own phone hard drives and several people who over the years have died who were to testify against her. She is up to about an 80 dead body count now. I hope Trump has enough sense to watch over the voting machines and people who watch the machines unless you think all those immigrants going to all Republican states are just for decoration. I find it interesting that Barr found nothing and directed it to his staff and never double-checked them. How convenient. I thought Barr was better than that and Lestor did better homework.

    1. Janeane says:

      I think, pure and simple, since the election of 2020 was so convoluted and corrupt, we should have voided it out and everyone should have voted AGAIN! Everything would have been in place to watch for corruption. We all know President Trump won! This was one sad moment in American history, and as we can all see, right now Ukraine is dearly paying for it!!!

  6. Philip Hammersley says:

    For Barr to say “There was no evidence of voter fraud,” is just plain a LIE. Some of it was shown on television from CCTV footage. The boxes of ballots pulled from under tables after all the press and GOP watchers were thrown out do to the “Water line break” (a leaky urinal). The GOP watchers physically thrown out in PA with the windows then covered with posterboard. And many others. Plus hundreds of affidavits, sworn under penalty of perjury, across the country.

    1. mike elledge says:

      I agree wholeheartedly and as a Georgia voter feel like my vote didn’t count!!!

  7. Lisa says:

    bill barr is a traitor, I don’t care what ANYBODY says, the man is a f’ing traitor and because you flip flop on Trump that makes you a YUGE HYPOCRITE

  8. Valerie Anne Eggers says:

    I thank God for D. J. Trump. There is no one I can think of whose word is more trustworthy than his. It seems the Left is still afraid of him evidenced by the continuing attacks he sustains. Why don’t they explore Joe Biden and his whole family for elements of truth? Not likely to find any with that group. The current administration is absolutely abhorrent and without ANY morals or standards. They get away with everything they attempt which keeps their attempts coming. How any American can trust them is well beyond reason. Keep in mind Biden is now reduced to a piece of clay with Obama, Soros, and the like as the artists of destruction. And, they are doing a good job.

    1. mike elledge says:

      If a libtards lips are moving they’re lying ????

  9. Stockwell William says:

    I think Barr figured he’d play Superhero & would be able to take credit when he’d change Pres. Trump’s ways of thinking & acting. When that failed, that’s when his true colors reached the top of the flagpole! Hence the reason behind the title of the book. Also, when he realized he couldn’t change him, he should have resigned.

  10. Some Reason says:

    Really? Trump is out of his mind. I remember starting to listen to him when he had ‘proof’ Obama wasn’t a US citizen that he would show us all very very soon. I was really interested to see what would come of this… and it never happened.
    Proof that Hillary was a criminal… never produced.
    Proof of the crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptop… that was never produced.
    Proof of voter fraud that has yet to be shown.
    These are only a few.
    He blasted the 2008 bailouts- (which all got paid back) but send millions to bailout farmers who lost money as a result of his failed trade war with China.
    All on the way to blowing up the national debt to historical levels.
    You are victims of marketing. Listening to and repeat all the tag lines.
    Lock her…
    Whose gonna pay for it…
    Repeal and….
    Have a coke and a…
    If you can finish those lines and many more you are a victim of a marketing campaign against America. (Not the last one)
    Remember when the 2016 election was rigged and there was going to be massive voter fraud… until he won. Then it was perfectly fine.
    I can guarantee if he had won 2020 it wouldn’t have been rigged either. But he lost. So it was suddenly rigged again.
    I’m afraid for the US.
    Please read your news from many different sources. Right, left, and center, national and international so you can make an informed decision.
    I’m a Republican. I’m not always happy with what Democrats do but I never feel like I’m being set up for something then lied to. Trump and like minded need to be gone.

    1. Duane Hayes says:

      If you live under a rock and are deaf, dumb and blind, then you haven’t seen the mountains of proof of Clinton’s crimes, (Clinton Cash by Peter Sweitzer), the Bidens, (the film clip of Biden bragging how he extorted Ukraine), the voter fraud, (see 2000 Mules and each and every day more evidence of voter fraud). Right now Durham is indicting criminals like Mike Sussman, Clinton’s attorney, you’ve surely seen that information

    2. J NIelsen says:

      Well, you got your wish Some Reason so I hope you’re thrilled. President Trump is NOT in office and look what’s happening around us less than 18 months. The world is burning, the economy is plummeting, there is a supply problem causing shortages around the nation, unemployment is at an all time high not to mention gas prices are too and it’s still skyrocketing out of control, Afghanistan and Ukraine are a fricken mess, Communist Russia has started their takeover with China and possibly North Korea not far behind.

      Yes. I don’t condone President Trump’s behaviors but he was not one to be reckoned with. The motto “Peace Through Strength” was something President Trump believed in and used. And although he may not have been respected personally by the Communist countries, believe me they respected him as President. If they didn’t, back then we would be in the same mess as we are now.

      Someone said Putin was watching how Biden handled Afghanistan before he made his move. Putin saw how weak and inept Biden and his Administration was so he knew he wouldn’t have any problems invading Ukraine. And for Biden to not put sanctions on Russia’s oil says a lot. I’m wondering how much Biden got paid by the Russians. BTW…wasn’t Hunter in cahoots w/Russia at one time too?

      Trump and his like minded are what made America Great again after eight years of Obama and now 18 months of Biden. We have no one to thank but Biden and “Republicans” like you for destroying America and World Peace.

    3. mike elledge says:

      Then you’re an idiot or just another libtard , I prefer idiot!

  11. Matt says:

    Give me the prosperity and TRUTHFULNESS of Donald J. Trump ANY DAY.
    If you think that the Biden Crime Family is doing a great job, then you definitely need to accompany them to the asylum or jail that they all belong in.
    Any fool can see the difference between a successful businessman running things in comparison to a dead body. I WAS a Republican but not any longer. Trump – YES – but the Republican party NO. They are spineless and afraid of EVERYTHING.
    McConnell is OWNED by China for the money he makes off of his wife’s father, an extremely rich Chinese shipping. magnate. If after all these years you can’t recognize the evil of Hillary Clinton, then you certainly deserve it’s bounty.

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