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January 1, Michigan State University’s Language Guide Blasted as ‘Anti-Christian Bigotry’



Michigan State University (MSU) has come under fire for its recently released “language guide” that aims to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, but has drawn widespread criticism for what many see as an overreach.

Critics have labeled the guide as “preposterous” for discouraging the use of words like “America,” “Christmas trees,” and “bunnies.” The guide has been denounced by conservative voices, including Fox News contributors, who argue that it constitutes anti-Christian bigotry disguised as inclusivity.

Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany has strongly condemned MSU’s language guide, calling it “idiocy” during a recent broadcast.

McEnany highlighted a specific guideline in the guide that discourages references to majority religious imagery during winter and spring, including terms like “wreaths” and “eggs.”

“This is anti-Christian bigotry disguised as diversity, equity and inclusion,” she argued.

Fox News contributor Guy Benson has also criticized the language guide, calling it “preposterous.” He pointed out that some of the discouraged terms, such as “reindeer” and “chick,” do not even reference the religious elements of holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Co-host Emily Compagno expressed sadness over the move to avoid references to Christian holidays and offered an alternative approach of embracing and enlarging the celebration of diverse holidays, rather than extinguishing traditional ones.

“Why wouldn’t you just embrace and enlarge?” Compagno asked. “Show me all the holidays that are celebrated now so I can learn more and be inclusive and diverse rather than extinguish everything.”

Morgan Ortagus, a former State Department spokesperson, expressed concern over the guide discouraging the use of terms like “extremist,” “terrorist,” and “radical,” stating that it makes it difficult to accurately describe events related to national security and counterterrorism.

“As someone who has done national security and counterterrorism for a long time of my career, if I can’t use any of those words, how am I supposed to describe the 9/11 attacks, al-Qaeda, ISIS?” she asked. 

Ortagus agreed that the focus on religious terms is enraging, but also highlighted the impact of the guide on conversations about what is right and wrong. She argued that the guide prevents open discussions and understanding of complex issues.

“That’s, I think, what they’re really getting to, is the inability for us to tell our children, to talk to each other about what really is right and what is wrong if you can’t use the word ‘terrorist’ and ‘extremist,’” she said.

Benson added that the goal of the language guide seems to be to prevent conversations about problems in the first place, hindering the ability to solve them.

“And that seems to be the goal here: to prevent us from having the conversations,” he said.

The restriction on certain words and phrases, according to critics, stifles free expression and hampers meaningful discourse on important topics.

Bottom line

MSU’s language guide has sparked controversy and criticism from conservatives, who argue that it constitutes anti-Christian bigotry disguised as inclusivity. Critics see the guide’s discouragement of certain words and phrases as extreme and unwarranted, hindering open discussions and understanding of complex issues.

The debate over inclusive language continues to be a contentious topic, with differing perspectives on the balance between promoting diversity and equity while preserving traditional language and expressions.

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Source: Fox News

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