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January 1, Michigan father files $1M lawsuit against after teacher cut daughter’s hair



Jimmy Hoffmeyer filed a $1 million lawsuit against Mount Pleasant Public Schools (MPPS) after a teacher cut his daughter’s hair, arguing that the incident violated his daughter’s constitutional rights.

Hoffmeyer, who is black and white, alleges racial discrimination, ethnic intimidation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and assault and battery.

Hoffmeyer said that in March, his daughter came home with one side of her hair cut. A classmate cut her hair on a school bus. Two days later, after complaining to the principal and having Jurnee’s haircut styled at a salon, she arrived home with the hair on the other side cut.

“The teacher cut her hair to even it out,” Hoffmeyer said.

The MPPS Board of Education found in an internal investigation that the employee who cut Jurnee’s hair was not motivated by racial bias. MPPS said it was “a clear violation of school policy,” but it was “clear that MPPS employees had good intentions when performing the haircut.”

Hoffmeyer told AP at the time he was dubious that an investigation had taken place.

“They never questioned my daughter or me,” Hoffmeyer said. “Who did they talk to? Did they really do an investigation?”


Father files $1M lawsuit after daughter’s hair cut by Michigan teacher

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