November 12, 2021

Michigan Attorney General apologizes for getting drunk at a football tailgate

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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) apologized for having too much to drink at a University of Michigan-Michigan State football game, an incident she referred to as “Tailgate-Gate.”

“My staff has pleaded with me to hire a crisis-management PR firm for an incident that occurred on 10/30 at the UM/MSU football game,” Nessel wrote in a Facebook post. “Instead, I thought I would just share the events which transpired that fateful day.”

Nessel went on to explain that she attended a tailgate party on an empty stomach.

“I thought it seemed like a good idea to eat 2 Bloody Mary’s [sic], since as long as you put enough vegetables in them, it’s practically a salad. As it turned out, this was not a brilliant idea,” she wrote.

Nessel said she started to feel sick while at the game and friends encouraged her to leave so she wouldn’t vomit on other fans. They helped her up the stairs and into a wheelchair.

“So there. That’s the scandalous tale of the events which transpired at Tailgate-Gate,” she wrote. “From now on, I pledge never to drink on an empty stomach, and definitely never to have another Bloody Mary. Cause it’s gonna take a while to get that taste out of my mouth.”

“Sorry to all the people who have supported me for letting you down. I will try to do better.”

The post included a photo of Nessel slumped over in her stadium seat with a U of M baseball cap pulled over her face.


Michigan AG says she drank too much at football tailgate

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