October 24, 2021

McConnell says GOP should not ‘rehash’ 2020

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said the Republican Party should focus on “the future, not the past” and stop focusing on the 2020 election.

At a press conference, reporters asked McConnell if he was comfortable with the GOP reembracing former President Donald Trump.

“Well, I do think we need to be talking about the future, not the past,” McConnell said.

“I think the American people are focusing on this administration,” he continued. “It’s my hope that [the] 2022 election will be a referendum on the performance of the current administration, not a rehash about suggestions of what may have happened in 2020.”

McConnell’s comments come as Trump continues to claim that Biden fraudulently won the 2020 election.

“Mitch McConnell should have challenged that election because even back then, we had plenty of material to challenge that election. He should have challenged the election,” Trump said at a recent rally.


McConnell: GOP should focus on future, not ‘rehash’ 2020

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  1. . William Darling says:

    While I am not happy with The results of the 2020 election, to a certain degree I agree with Mitch McConnell that we need to work aggressively Towards the goal of recovery a balance if not domination in Congress.

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