July 28, 2022

Massive “Out of Control” Chinese Rocket Hurtling Toward Earth

Experts are alarmed over yet another out-of-control Chinese rocket currently plummeting toward Earth.

The debris of a 21-ton Long March 5B rocket may fail to burn up as it re-enters into Earth’s atmosphere, concerned experts say. The rocket, which was just launched into space on Sunday, could plummet to an uncertain location and at a great speed.

The Long March 5B was carrying a solar-powered new lab as an addition to China’s Tiangong Space Station.

The chances of rocket debris hitting a populated area are very low, but experts still believe that China is taking an unnecessary risk — a risk that’s increased in recent years.

Last year, China’s spacecraft showered debris over the Indian Ocean near the Maldives.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, at the time, accused China of “failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris,” including lowering risks during re-entry and being transparent about operations.

“Spacefaring nations must minimize the risks to people and property on Earth of re-entries of space objects and maximize transparency regarding those operations. It is clear that China is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris,” Nelson said in a statement.

Scientists say the problem with China’s rockets can be traced back to the country’s risky launch process.

Discarded rocket stages typically re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere soon after launch, normally over water, and don’t soar into orbit. The Long March 5B rocket, however, goes into orbit. 

China has denied any irresponsibility, with its Foreign Ministry saying the possibility of damage to anything or anyone on the land is “extremely low.”

In 2020, debris from the first Long March 5B fell on Ivory Coast, causing damage to several buildings. No injuries were reported as a result.

9 comments on Massive “Out of Control” Chinese Rocket Hurtling Toward Earth

  1. Bill Beveridge says:

    Why are we and the rest of the world just letting China and Russia just take the world hostage?

    1. Rattlerjake says:

      And exactly what authority do we have to tell another country what they can and can’t do? It’s the UN’s job to do that and to establish penalties/punishment for doing something irresponsible. Our current government is far more irresponsible than the rest of the world!

      1. Von Potter says:


    2. William says:

      President Biden is a coward. He is afraid he will upset China or Russia if he raises concerns over anything. Traveling throughout the world people are laughing at our president asking is he really an idiot. How do you answer them. They watch him daily on the world media .

  2. the white house would be a great spot or pentagon

    1. Monte says:

      Agreed … Wiping out a few tyrannical politicians or bureaucrats would be a welcomed event.

  3. Richard Izzo says:

    They are probably wondering were is Bill when they need him.

  4. guest says:

    I thought Bill Clinton had the Chicoms ligned up with the guidance systems he sold them? The money going to the Clinton foundation, along with the russian money that came from our uranium reserves bought by Putin, sold by Hillary.. Money to the foundatiion. We have some crooked mf’s participating in our gov’t active 24-7. Bidens are more the mafia type, mafia tactics, mafia secrecy, mafia protections, etc.Crooked MF’s..

  5. John J says:


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