April 10, 2022

Man Sentenced for Death Threats Against Senators

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An Alaska man received a 32-month prison sentence for threatening to assassinate the state’s two U.S. senators.

Jay Allen Johnson, 65, made the threats in a series of profane voicemail messages left at the offices of Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan. The Delta Junction resident was also fined $5,000 and ordered to serve three years of supervised release following his time behind bars.

“Nothing excuses this conduct, threatening our elected officials, an act that attacks our very system of governance,” U.S. Attorney John E. Kuhn Jr. of the District of Alaska said.

“The erosion of civility in our political discourse will never justify threats or acts of violence. Johnson’s actions must be punished, and the Department of Justice will always work to ensure our elected officials can serve without fear of harm.”

Johnson, who pleaded guilty to two counts of threatening to kill a U.S. official in January, is also barred from contacting the senators, their families, or staff members for three years.

“Sadly, political violence of all stripes has become a clear and present danger to public safety and the functioning of our democracy,” the government memo reads. 

“The defendant’s conduct showed his rejection of that democracy and his willingness to resort to repeated violent threats when duly elected representatives take actions with which he disagrees.”


Alaska man gets 32 months for threatening to kill senators

5 comments on Man Sentenced for Death Threats Against Senators

  1. VinnieA says:

    So I wonder what would have happened to him if he did the same thing to an Ordinary Citizen? It seems to me that a good number of Politicians commit crimes and are rarely sent to prison??

    Justice For All?? Yeah Right.

    1. tom says:

      What a sad individual you are to think that NO punishment should come to ANYONE who threatens another individual. The penalty would have been more severe if he had threatened a U.S. president. Just because you disagree with someone politically….does NOT give you a right to threaten them with bodily harm!

      1. Robert Messmer says:

        Sorry Tom but VinnieA did not say NO punishment should come to Anyone who threatens another individual. He simply asked what would have happened if the threats were made against NON-POLITICIANS or Elites. For example if the man had threatened a local panhandler known as Joe Smoe. The results would probably have been much different such as the police telling Joe ‘sorry but until he takes action, there is nothing we can do.’ Did you notice that when Will Smith, an Elite, committed battery against Chris Rock that Will Smith did not serve any time in jail? In fact he was not arrested, not charged.

      2. szq says:

        You completely misread V.A. statement. This is a good example of one reason there is so much “misinformation” running rampant in this Country. People “quoting” things way out of context, putting a “spin” on things, etc., stating things as “fact” when nothing could be further from the Truth.
        Please try to be more careful.

    2. szq says:

      Yup! Absolutely correct!

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