July 22, 2022

Major Update on Biden’s Health

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President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday morning, the White House announced.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Biden is taking Paxlovid and experiencing “very mild symptoms.” He “will isolate at the White House while continuing to carry out all of his duties fully,” Jean-Pierre said.

Biden, 79, provided an update on his status in a video message posted to Twitter.

“Hey folks, I guess you heard, this morning I tested positive for COVID,” Biden said. “But I’ve been double vaccinated, double boosted. Symptoms are mild. And I really appreciate your inquiries and concerns. But I’m doing well, getting a lot of work done. Going to continue to get it done. And in the meantime, thanks for your concern. And keep the faith. It’s going to be okay.”

The announcement comes a day after the White House shut down speculation that Biden had revealed a new cancer diagnosis during a speech.

“That’s why I, and so damn many other people I grew up with, have cancer,” Biden said during a speech in Massachusetts. “For the longest time, Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation, but that’s the past.”

When asked for clarification, White House officials pointed media outlets to a tweet from Washington Post columnist Glenn Kessler.

“Check out Biden’s medical report. Before he became president, he’d had non-melanoma skin cancers removed,” Kessler said.

“It is well-established that President Biden did spend a good deal of time in the sun in his youth. He has had several localized, non-melanoma skin cancers removed with Mohs surgery before he started his presidency,” the medical report read. “There are no areas suspicious for skin cancers at this time.”

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  1. John In Marxist Occupied Colorado says:

    This actor is not the real Joe Biden. Anyone with eyes in their head can see in pictures from a few years ago, that the real Joe Biden is not the present Joe Biden. This Joe Biden is an actor. Do a side by side comparison of pictures from 2008-2012 to the present actor Joe Biden, they are two different people. And as a side note “Big Mike” Michelle Obama’s Mom died. She left her estate to her son “Michael Obama”. In Illinois, one can change their name on legal documents, but not their sex.

  2. Von Potter says:


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