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January 1, Lawmakers Sound Alarm Over Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’



The Biden administration recently announced the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board, which will be operated under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and focus on alleged Russian disinformation. Lawmakers are sounding the alarm over the new board, calling it “Orwellian.”

“The idea that the federal government should control speech sounds uncomfortably close to the Thought Police,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said. “Biden must immediately abandon his plan to create a modern-day Ministry of Truth.”

“Leave it to Democrats to think free speech is the problem and more government is the solution,” McCarthy said.

Meghan McCain expressed similar sentiments in a tweet.

“‘Disinformation board’ is straight out of V for Vendetta and it should petrify every American,” McCain wrote.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) vowed to challenge the Disinformation Governance Board.

“You cannot have a Ministry of Truth in this country,” DeSantis said. “Let’s get real here. Let’s make sure we are doing things to benefit Floridians and Americans, but we’re not going to let Biden get away with this one. We will be fighting back.”


DeSantis Vows To Challenge Biden Administration’s ‘Ministry Of Truth’

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