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January 1, Lawmaker Slams Buttigieg Over Baby Formula Shortage “Lie” [Video]



Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) blasted Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, claiming he lied when saying that the Biden administration has been “on top” of the ongoing baby formula shortage since day one.

The lawmaker, who recently revealed that the Biden administration was sending “pallets” of baby formula to migrants detained at border facilities, spoke about the situation during an interview with Fox Business.

Cammack told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that she visited the border facilities and found “multiple stocked warehouses that have been not only filled with baby formula, diapers, wipes, and clothing, but they have been doing this for months, and there’s more en route.”

“This just points again to how out of touch this administration is and they could stop this with a simple policy change. And to the Secretary of Transportation’s remarks that they have been on top of this from day one: That is a lie. They canceled 43% of this manufacturer’s production with no plan to backfill that market share that they make up,” Cammack said.

“So, how have they been on top of this? Because moms for months have been saying it was getting harder and harder to find formula. This is just another example of the broken administration that doesn’t know how to govern.”

Watch the full interview below:


Pete Buttigieg told baby formula shortage ‘lie’: Rep. Kat Cammack

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