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January 1, Las Vegas Opens, No Mask Required



Hello America,

Are you ready to roll? After more than a year, downtown Las Vegas was completely reopened Tuesday morning to welcome visitors. Businesses in Sin City are now open at full capacity, no mask or social distancing required. Hotels are at 80% occupancy on the weekends, plexiglass dividers were taken down and the city will host the biggest Trade show next week. Big thanks to the vaccines.

In New York, it’s a different scenario. Sure, you can see a stand-up comedy show, watch a dance performance at Park Avenue, or enter an intimate bar, but you need a special ticket — an Excelsior Pass. It is the only government-issued vaccine passport in the US. Will it catch on in other states?

Britain has the fifth highest coronavirus death toll in the world — 127,782. But for the first time since March 2020, UK recorded no new deaths on Tuesday. It’s definitely good news but Britain’s health minister urge its citizens to continue to follow safety protocols.

Are you living on a busy road? A new study reveals that living near an active road can increase your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Why? Due to air pollution. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) coming from vehicles and industry can travel through the bloodstream and into the brain, according to experts. Not surprising as air pollution is generally a health hazard.

Need someone to talk to but don’t want to see a psychiatrist? The pandemic has caused a lot of mental stress to most people around the world. Reports say about four in 10 adults in the US experience symptoms of anxiety or depression. Introducing the Woebot — a therapeutic chatbot that you can talk to.

Finally, Coachella and Stagecoach will make a comeback in April 2022 after being canceled two years in a row. You can start marking your calendars now. The The lineup of performers will be announced later, but you can purchase the wristbands starting June 4 on the Coachella website.

Be happy,

Fraser Dixon


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