February 6, 2023

Krysten Sinema Faces Ethics Complaint Over Allegedly Making Staffers Run Personal Errands

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Sen. Krysten Sinema (I-AZ) is facing calls for an ethics investigation after a report suggested that she was making her staffers run personal errands.

More than a dozen activist groups have filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee, requesting an investigation into the allegations.

The complaints come after a December report from The Daily Beast, which cited a 37-page memo for Sinema’s staffers providing instructions and guidance. Some of the tasks allegedly required of aides include doing the senator’s grocery shopping and setting up appointments to have her internet fixed.

The Senate ethics handbook states that “staff are compensated for the purpose of assisting Senators in their official legislative and representational duties, and not for the purpose of performing personal or other non-official activities for themselves or on behalf of others.”

According to the report, Sinema’s executive assistant would need to check in with her every week to “ask if she needs groceries,” and include both the scheduler and chief of staff on the message to “make sure this is accomplished.” The assistant would be reimbursed through CashApp if the senator did need groceries that week, according to the outlet.

Groups file complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee

“The activities that the senator has allegedly required of staff appear to be unambiguous violations of the Senate Ethics Committee guidelines that interpret the rules adopted by the Senate,” the groups wrote in their complaint.

A Sinema spokesperson has denied the allegations, telling The Daily Beast in December that “the alleged information — sourced from anonymous quotes and a purported document I can’t verify — is not in line with official guidance from Sen. Sinema’s office and does not represent official policies of Sen. Sinema’s office.”

Source: The Hill

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    1. John J says:

      I don’t think that stinky pig changes it’s underware

  2. Ronald Bradberry says:

    Just your X Democrats who want to shut you up now. Just like they do anyone who does not agree with them. Just laugh and grin at them…It works wonders for the soul.

  3. Theodora says:

    This is all political like everything else.

    1. Don says:

      It is and by whiny children who are supposedly staff for Sinema. That’s your job children. If you don’t like it leave. as a matter of fact leave the country. We want adults here.

  4. 2WarAbnVet says:

    See what happens when one strays from the DemoSocialist pack!

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