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January 1, Keith Olbermann Blasted Over Bizarre Oxford High Shooting Tweet



Left-wing pundit Keith Olbermann was sharply criticized over a bizarre tweet he wrote connecting the Oxford High School shooting to Barstool Sports and the shooter’s mother’s support of former President Donald Trump.

Olbermann quote-tweeted an article from Barstool Sports that memorialized a student killed during the shooting, penning an odd remark.

“This kid died to stop a school shooter whose mother echoed the Trumpist Fascism of [founder Dave Portnoy] and @barstoolsports,” Olbermann wrote.

“In a world where, in the wake of tragedy, it is oftentimes the perpetrator of terrible acts whose name is plastered across the media and talked about, today we should really discuss Tate Myre – a junior student-athlete who died trying to stop an armed gunman,” said blogger Billy Football, who wrote the article.

Portnoy’s response was more succinct.

“Dude wtf is wrong with you?” he wrote.


Keith Olbermann roasted for bizarre tweet tying Michigan High School shooting to Barstool Sports, Trump

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. nexus

    December 7, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    Olberdouche has been an unhinged whackadoo since he left ESPN, which was glad to be rid of him.
    How’s those podcasts out of your mom’s basement going, SNOWFLAKE??????

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