November 6, 2021

Judge fired for racist, inappropriate conduct

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Judge fired for racist, inappropriate conduct

In Alabama, Talladega County Probate Judge Randy Jinks, 65, was removed from office by a unanimous order after being accused of racist and sexually inappropriate behavior.

The nine-member Alabama Court of the Judiciary filed its unanimous order after the panel found he violated a number of judicial ethics rules, including failing to uphold the integrity and independence of the court system.

The original complaint had accused Jinks of watching and sharing inappropriate videos and making comments about women’s anatomy.

Jinks, who doesn’t have a law license, mouthed the n-word when referring to Black people during Black Lives Matter protests. Jinks made multiple racist comments about George Floyd, calling him “just another thug” who “pretty much got what he deserved.”

Records show that Jinks denied most of the allegations, blamed workers for misunderstanding jokes, and accused employees of eavesdropping.


Alabama judge booted for racist, inappropriate behavior

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