September 16, 2021

Jon Stewart ‘surprised’ by liberal pushback over COVID-19 lab-leak theory

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Jon Stewart ‘surprised’ by liberal pushback over COVID-19 lab-leak theory

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, comedian Jon Stewart said he was surprised at the significant pushback to his espousement of the COVID-19 lab-leak theory.

Stewart raised eyebrows during a June appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” He pontificated on the coincidence that the coronavirus emerged in a city with a lab dedicated to coronavirus research, saying, “The disease is the same name as the lab!”

Stewart’s appearance went viral and inspired sharp criticism from Democrats. Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather called it “dangerous and shortsignted.”

During his recent interview, the former “Daily Show” host said he didn’t know how the theory became “politicized.”

“Listen, how it got to be that if it was a scientific accident, it’s conservative, and if it came from a wet market, it’s liberal, I don’t know — I’m just not sure how that got politicized. But it was an inelegant way to get to a bit that I’ve done for years, which is our good-intentioned brilliance will more than likely be our demise. The bit is about the last words that man ever utters, which are, ‘Hey, it worked.’ I guess I was a little surprised at the pushback.”


Jon Stewart ‘surprised’ at meltdown over his belief in coronavirus lab-leak theory

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