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January 1, J&J’s vaccine rollout in US suspended after blood-clotting cases



Happy Humpday, America!

The US Food and Drug Administration has decided to halt the rollout of Johnson & Johnson vaccines after few cases of blood-clotting issues came up. Officials said that this would greatly affect the inoculation efforts in the country, as Pfizer and Moderna’s supplies won’t be enough to cater to all Americans.

Bitcoin’s value reached an all-time high at over $62,000. The largest cryptocurrency now registered a 1,000 percent growth in just a year! I wish I was able to put some investment before it climbed up.

President Joe Biden gave a heart-warming address during the ceremony of slain Capitol police officer William ‘Billy’ Evans. Evans got hit by a vehicle of suspect Noah Green who attempted to enter the US Capitol earlier this month. Thank you for your service, Billy.

Research shows that a noisy environment can also have a negative impact on plants. In New Mexico, birds that eat pinyon seeds and distribute them on plants are distracted by the noise brought about by the natural gas wells in the area.

Did you know that brushing your teeth at least twice a day and having regular visits to your dentist would help prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Experts claimed that having “bad” bacteria in your gums has a causal relationship with something called ‘amyloid beta levels’ in one’s cerebrospinal fluid. Anyway, the bottom line is, always brush your teeth and pay your dentist a visit!

TikTok influencer Justine Paradise has filed a sexual misconduct complaint against YouTuber Jake Paul. The sexual encounter happened in 2019 and she thought that she cannot disclose any details since she signed a non-disclosure agreement before entering Paul’s house then.

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