December 11, 2021

Jill Biden Rejects ‘Ridiculous’ Concerns Over President’s Mental Fitness

Jill Biden rejected concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental fitness, calling them “ridiculous.”

During a sit-down interview for CBS Sunday Morning, Rita Braver asked the first lady about recent polls that show “quite a few Americans have some questions about the president’s current mental fitness.”

“I think that’s ridiculous,” Biden said.

Last month, a Morning Consult/Politico survey asked respondents if they agreed or disagreed that the president “is mentally fit.” Only 46 percent of participants agreed, while 48 percent disagreed.

Later in the interview, Biden opened up about her role as first lady and its difficulties.

“It’s a little harder than I imagined,” Biden, 70, said.

“It’s not like a job that you do; it’s a lifestyle that you live. And it’s not something you leave at 5:00 or at 3:00, and it’s 24 hours a day.”


Jill Biden dismisses ‘ridiculous’ talk about Joe’s mental fitness

3 comments on Jill Biden Rejects ‘Ridiculous’ Concerns Over President’s Mental Fitness

  1. Yup says:

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  2. Chooch says:

    Go back to babysitting, Oh wait . You are . Except now you wipe the big guys butt instead of his kids .

  3. Alaine deBreaux says:

    How would Jill know-she’s as looney as Joe is. Besides that, she loves playing the part of a big shot in the White House….she doesn’t want to lose it………HHAHAHAHAH, jILLSY, BABY, YOUZE GONNA LOSE IT ANYWAY/

    I remember when Hillary said the tumult over Bill’s philandering and assaulting and raping was ‘A RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY!!!!!”
    Sure proved to be a big conspiracy, didn’t it????

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