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January 1, Jen Psaki sheds light on what Biden thinks of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chants



White House press secretary Jen Psaki provided insight into how President Joe Biden feels about the recent uptick in deceptively unkind “Let’s Go Brandon” chants. When asked about the anti-Biden “phenomenon” by NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander, Psaki said the president doesn’t give it much thought.

“Across this country we’ve seen this new phenomenon lately, chanted at sporting events and on signs, the phrase is ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ a sort of code for a profane slogan attacking President Biden,” Alexander said at a press conference on Friday. “What does the president make of that?”

“I don’t think he spends much time focused on it or thinking about it,” Psaki said.

Alexander asked a follow-up question. “The president said when he came into office on Inauguration Day… he was going to help get rid of the uncivil war in this country. So I guess through that lens right now, does the president think there are things he can do differently, or how does he react this this stuff … when it is one of his primary promises?”

Psaki told Alexander, “it takes two to move toward a more civil discourse,” and that Biden hopes to “govern for all Americans.”


Psaki claims Biden doesn’t spend much time thinking about ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ rallying cry

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