December 26, 2021

Jan. 6 Panel Ponders Whether Trump Violated Obstruction Law

Members of the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 are mulling over a politically provocative question: Were former President Donald Trump’s actions around the Capitol riot tantamount to criminal obstruction of justice?

Noted Trump rival Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the committee’s vice-chair, repeatedly raised the possibility that Trump’s conduct could be considered obstruction of the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory.

“Did Donald Trump, through action or inaction, corruptly seek to obstruct or impede Congress’ official proceeding to count electoral votes?” Cheney asked last week, urging colleagues to hold Meadows in contempt. “Mark Meadows’ testimony is necessary to inform our legislative judgments.”

POLITICO notes that “Cheney’s statement includes precise terminology from the criminal obstruction statute.”

According to the outlet, to convict someone of criminal obstruction, a jury must determine that the defendant took an obstructive action, impacted an “official proceeding,” and acted with “corrupt” intentions.

Some Jan. 6 defendants have challenged the Department of Justice’s claim that the session of Congress on that day meets the legal definition of an “official proceeding.” But Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Dabney L. Friedrich recently ruled against that claim.

According to POLITICO, “Friedrich called such scenarios ‘closer questions’ than the matter of whether those who broke into the Capitol could be charged with obstruction, suggesting Trump’s actions fall into more of a gray area.”

“I think that we’re trying to understand those 187 minutes that he didn’t say anything — what that means. And we’re trying to put some more light on that. I personally am not drawing any conclusions on where that takes us,” said panel member Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA).


Jan. 6 investigators mull whether Trump violated obstruction law

10 comments on Jan. 6 Panel Ponders Whether Trump Violated Obstruction Law

  1. Michelle Bellinger says:

    Those democratic, leftists, liberals and the rest are the obstructionist of The Constitution Of The United States Of AMerica! They have broken so many laws and they go after President Trump to distract their criminality. HELL NO he didn’t obstruct! Biden is a fraudulent president and Harris is a fraud and yet they think they are above the law and think millions of Americans aren’t on to them? Good Grief. Criminals, everyone! #TRUMPWON #NOINSURRECTION

  2. Joyce Henn says:

    Sick of Cheney, Pelosi and their cronies. Their just wasting tax payers money. Pelosi and Cheney loves wasting on bullshit

  3. Donald Yorks Sr. says:

    To say he committed this is to set this action at the capital against all the evidence that this was orchestrated by those in power to cover their own criminal action of orchestrating it. Better to examine all the evidence pointing to action that those in power put this together to keep those who actually care about democratic America out of the process of saving America and to set up their criminal plans to establish socialism and destroy America and take away the people’s freedom, authority, privilege and rights. And also bring the division they have cause between Americans and provide a foundation for unity, love and caring for one another that they have destroyed.

  4. Donald Yorks Sr. says:

    See above. To say Trump was behind this is pure fabricated nonsense! SEE MY COMMENTS ABOVE!

  5. Rosie46 says:

    The Jan 6 commission is a fraud. The FBI and pelosi should be in the witness chair, though she’s a lying commununist like Biden.

  6. Donald Yorks says:

    This is an attempt to destroy any chance Trump may have of ever any influence in Government again and defeat defenders of Democracy and set up Dreaded Socialism. Better to investigate COMPLETLY AND HONESTLY all the evidence that trump tried to prevent any thing like this “insurrection” from ever happening and all the evidence that this was orchestrated by those in power to destroy America by doing everything they could to divide Americans by calling everyone who does not agree with their idea of TRUTH, and relationships or actions racist. THAT is cruel and RACIST!!! They would divide the people and stir up anger and hatred and DESTROY American Democracy and thereby millions and lives and seal the fate of much of the world to defeat and lives to hopelessness that is the awful situation of all people with no reaL FUTURE UNDER SOCIALISM and providing wealth and power for themselves.

  7. Donald Yorks says:

    I put my comment in here, but as I submit they shifted to the space under the sentence saying Your comments are awaiting moderation and will be visible after approval.

  8. MikeMarkCA says:

    Spare us the melodrama, the committee already knows the answer they were going to come up with before any investigation took place. Just another liberal TDS, dog and pony show.

  9. Ronald Boyle says:

    lets see pelosi’s email from october 2020 to march 2021

  10. Lisa says:

    this COMMITTEE is a complete sham…first of all piglosi was supposed to have like 5 Republicans on that committee, so they broke their own laws, secondly nasty nancy was supposed to be in charge of security (she refused help), third schitt altered EVIDENCE…they need to shut it DOWN NOW

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