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January 1, Insanity Defense Spares Woman Who Stole Police SUV, Dragged Officer from Prison Time



In a shocking turn of events, Whitley Temple, who was caught on camera stealing a Chicago police SUV and dragging the officer, has been found not guilty by a judge for attempted murder and four other charges by reason of insanity. Instead of serving prison time, Temple will have to complete a treatment plan as per Judge Tyria Walton’s ruling.

The incident was recorded by a bystander and a city surveillance camera. Officer Ed Poppish was responding to shots fired when he saw Temple lying half-naked in the street. When he stopped to help her, Temple got up and walked around him to get into the squad car’s driver’s seat.

As Poppish tried to stop her, she allegedly told him, “Let me go. This has nothing to do with you.” Temple proceeded to put the SUV in reverse, dragging Poppish and hitting another car before he was able to get free.

Temple went on a joyride with the stolen SUV, driving to a gas station and then weaving in and out of traffic on the expressway at high speeds. She ran through red lights and hit five occupied cars before finally being arrested by police.

Adding to the madness, Temple was hired as a lead accountant at the city’s Department of Family and Support Services while her case was still pending. She lost her job earlier this year when her hiring became public knowledge.

It was also highlighted that Temple’s bail was originally set at $2 million, which her attorneys claimed was excessive. An appellate court agreed, allowing her to go home with an ankle monitor after a relative posted her $7,500 bail deposit. The ankle monitor was removed last year.

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