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January 1, Impeachment: A Day of Insults, Scandals and Accusations



This Day in History | 2000

Former Vice President Al Gore finally concedes the presidential election to George W. Bush.

Good Morning Middle Americans, 

Wow. That’s all I can say after watching the impeachment circus in the House Judiciary Committee. After 14 hours of deliberations, Chairman Jerry Nadler postponed the vote to advance impeachment to a full house vote was delayed.  The vote will happen today, and it will pass. But they had to drag it out to maximize the drama. And I think we, as Middle Americans see right through the tactic. 

Also today, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered a big win for his conservative Torries. His win delivers a shot in the arm to the Brexit movement. And President Trump says it will allow the US and UK to negotiate a better trade deal, which should put more pressure on Europe to reform some of their socialist policies. 

Finally — we have a  couple of non-political stories to pique your interest today. NASA has unveiled it’s new lunar rocket and it’s as cool as you would expect. And “penis-fish” seem to be invading a California beach.  When you see the pics, you’ll know why they got that nick-name. 

Read all about it. 

– Fraser Dixon

Name-Calling, Insults and Scandals Dominate All-Day Impeachment Hearing

(The Washington Post) – Hunter Biden’s drug problem. Allegations about President Trump’s sex life. A congressman’s past DUI arrest. 

No controversy even marginally related to the House impeachment proceeding was overlooked Thursday as Republican and Democratic lawmakers waged one last battle over articles of impeachment before the matter moves to the House floor next week.

Frustration had built for both parties over a month of tightly controlled hearings, where committee procedures restrained the partisan conflict just enough to keep the impeachment process moving. But Thursday’s markup session in the House Judiciary Committee unfolded without those controls, in an open format that allowed members more than eight hours of spontaneous and at times nasty confrontation. 

Find out more about the impeachment hearing drama here

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Delivers Big Win for Brexit Supporters

(The Sun) – Boris Johnson delivered a majority as he won the election for the Tories.

The PM led his party to a 363-seat win while Jeremy Corbyn suffered a disastrous night for Labour.

Mr Corbyn announced he would quit as leader while Jo Swinson failed to win her own seat.

Jeremy Corbyn has blamed the media for Labour’s crushing defeat in the election.

He slammed “disgusting” attacks from the press while also claiming his manifesto policies were “extremely popular” – despite the Tories’ thumping victory.

He said: “The media intrusion on people’s lives is very high indeed.

“And the attacks that take place against family and loved ones of politicians continue and they are disgraceful and frankly they are disgusting.”

FInd out more about the impact of Boris Johnson’s win here

NASA Debuts New Lunar Rocket Artemis

(ABC News) – NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine and the media got an up-close look Monday at a huge, newly completed rocket for the program aimed at putting a man and woman on the moon as early as 2024.

Bridenstine was in New Orleans to see the first of the “core stage” rockets for NASA’s Space Launch System at the Michoud Assembly Center, where it was built for NASA’s Artemis program.

See the new lunar rocket named after Apollo’s twin sister here

Thousands of ‘Penis Fish’ Appear on California Beach

(Bay Nature Magazine) -You could be forgiven for being offended by the above photo: thousands of 10-inch wiggly pink sausages strewn about Drakes Beach. The same phenomenon has been reported over the years at Pajaro Dunes, Moss Landing, Bodega Bay, and Princeton Harbor. I’ve heard my share of imaginative theories from beachcombers, such as flotsam of a wrecked bratwurst freighter. In truth, these are living denizens of our beaches rudely, yet also mercifully, mostly called “fat innkeeper worms.”

Learn more about the invasion of the “penis fish” here

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