April 19, 2022

Ilhan Omar’s Tweet About Singing Christians Causes a Stir

1775: American Revolution begins in Lexington, Massachusetts. The “Shot Heard Round the World” took place in Concord later that day.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) faced criticism for a tweet she posted in response to a viral video showing Christian missionaries singing worship songs on a flight.

“I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a plane,” Omar wrote. “How do you think it will end?”

Omar’s tweet was quickly meant with fervent responses from critics.

“I think you should shut up and stop being a bigot,” attorney Kurt Schlichter wrote on Twitter.

“Why do you hate Christians, Ilhan?” Georgia House candidate Vernon Jones (R) tweeted. “If the freedom of religion we enjoy here in America disturbs you, feel free to pack your bags and head back to Somalia, Sudan, or wherever you’re from.”

But the Minnesota lawmaker was evidently unbothered by the criticism, as she later tweeted that “the original snowflakes had a complete and glorious meltdown.”


Omar says ‘original snowflakes’ had ‘complete and glorious meltdown’ over tweet

7 comments on Ilhan Omar’s Tweet About Singing Christians Causes a Stir

  1. jefz says:

    We permitted this” trash” into our nation. Her family? Does she mean her brother whom she married or her current husband who used to be Christian? Deport her to a country which is governed by Sharia law. How would she be treated after her lies, cheating, corruption and multiple marriages, including to her brother materialize? Probably display her head on a pole with the towel she keeps wrapped around her head.

    1. Linde Barrera says:

      Can anyone please tell me how Ilhan Omar got to be a candidate
      for the US Congress in the first place? She is such a disgusting hypocrite.

      1. fed_up_patriot says:

        Agreed. Anyone adhering to sharia law should not be allowed to be a member of congress. She only got there through cheating.

  2. Grizz Mann says:

    “How do you think it will end?” No problem, as you and your family don’t behead some Infidel as an offer to Allah.

  3. Roy says:

    If what she said (everybody keeps barking about freedom of speech especially you Republicans who think you were gods gift to this earth) BOTHERS you, it must mean your part of the group in society that uses all the ethnic slang that one hears. (N-word) K-word) (Towel Head) to name a few. NO WHAT I MEAN!!!!!!!!!! So give it a rest Ok.

  4. Suan says:

    All she said was

    Your violent reaction says something about YOU. She posed a question and you went nuts. Why is that?? She didn’t say anything about Christians (or Jews or any other religion) but you jumped to unfounded conclusions.

    Where is the Freedom of Religion that you all are talking about?

  5. Tom says:

    Christians and Muslims are “people of the book”. I think it would have ended just fine. If handled properly, it could have been a cultural exchange. Why are folks so bothered by her question? I think the only thing that may be objectionable is the negative implications in the way she stated her point. But that is not a Muslim problem, that is her own bias problem.

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