February 23, 2022

Hunter Biden Tax Probe: Details Emerge

A former girlfriend testified before a grand jury in the Hunter Biden tax probe, bringing new details to light in her nearly five-hour testimony.

Zoe Kestan, a 28-year-old lingerie and textile designer, appeared before the panel in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden revealed that federal prosecutors in Delaware were “investigating my tax affairs” in December 2020 — shortly before his father, Joe Biden, took office — and he told CBS News in April that he was “being completely cooperative.”

Kestan, who uses the online handle “weed slut 420,” was asked about Biden’s whereabouts and spending in 2018. The panel asked her about which hotels Biden stayed at and the source of his money.

Kestan testified that Biden directed her to withdraw “thousands of dollars at a time” from ATMs and gave her cash to purchase things like clothing and meals, but she didn’t know how he obtained the money.

Biden’s ex-girlfriend testified that she believes she’s responsible for his newfound sobriety, but she felt “super crazy” upon learning Biden had married his second wife, Melissa Cohen, following a six-day courtship in May 2019.

Kestan feels Biden “ditched” her after their relationship in which he was “adamant” she use birth control.

Another former girlfriend of Biden’s testified before the federal grand jury.

Lunden Roberts, who successfully sued Biden for the paternity of her 3-year-old daughter, reportedly testified before the grand jury for several hours last week.


Ex-girlfriend tells Hunter Biden grand jury about lavish spending

7 comments on Hunter Biden Tax Probe: Details Emerge

  1. DAH says:

    Well, she apparently didn’t have much to say..so, why the big headline? He spent a lot of money…so, what? Nothing will come of this. He’s a Biden.

  2. Richard Umsteadt says:

    Biden your son is as creepy as you are.
    The BIG MAN HAHAHA!!!!!!

  3. Wanda Frost says:

    The saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the the is Biden and his nasty, hateful, disgraceful, disrespectful, idiot, evil, son.

  4. CharlieSeattle says:

    Trump blew a 2 month window as President. November 2020 – Jan 6th, 2021.

    Trump did not fight the obvious and well documented election fraud hard enough. We must deal with the consequences now, …………………………for 3 more years!

    There was more than enough evidence for Trump’s DOJ to arrest Quid Pro Joe and his son long before the election, ……………………………….but they did not.

    Quid Pro Joe Xiden, an ”extraordinarily weak leader” that bragged about using election fraud ON VIDEO and bragged about firing the Ukrainian prosecutor ON VIDEO ……………………AND GOT AWAY WITH IT

    .Joe Biden: “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” …………………..AND GOT AWAY WITH IT

    Trump should have declared Martial Law and arrested the Deep State using the DOJ under RICO laws, …………………but did not.

    1. 2004done says:

      CharlieSeattle: WE THE PEOPLE (including President Trump) are the VICTIMS, not the perpe-traitors (sic). I regret to inform you that much of the “established” bureaucracy, the Lame-Stream Media, even the GOP hierarchy, were terrified that their ruse (at our expense) would be exposed if OUR President was re-elected, instead of THEIR choice installed.

  5. Joe says:

    Hidenbiden and his crackhead son both need to locked up for treason.The senile,frail,old,puppet,fool, and his kid are compromised by china,russia,iran,ukriane, which puts our country in danger. He needs to be removed for total incompetency, and corruption of office. this guy is not well and needs to be committed, he has stage 3 dementia, and your letting him decide life and death decisions. Insanity at it’s best.

  6. Daniel J Rourke says:

    Hiden and Hunter Biden are directly responsible for Putins actions as they are paid off/compromised by Russia/Ukraine and China and the fact that the FBI/CIA went after Trump with fake phony Fisa allegations and has not done a deep dive into the pay for influence scandal is outrageous and these organizations were doing the Obama admin and Clinton campaigns bidding and now the result is very real damage to our country , Thanks Obama but your in your private offshore island guess your available by phone for the administrations next move to destroy the USA.

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