July 11, 2022

House Oversight Committee: Treasury Officials Are Covering for Hunter Biden

    1944: Franklin Roosevelt announces that he will run for a fourth term as President of the United States.

    Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, has accused the U.S. Treasury Department of running “cover” for Hunter Biden.

    The committee announced that Comer “renewed his request to Department of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen for information regarding Hunter Biden and other Biden associates and family members’ suspicious foreign business transactions flagged by U.S. banks and called for all documents, communications, and records related to these transactions to be preserved.”

    According to the news release, the Biden administration publicly asserted it provides suspicious activity reports (SARs) to Congress, but has refused to provide any reports on the Biden family or associates.

    In a letter addressed to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Comer wrote: “Treasury is refusing to release suspicious activity reports connected with Hunter Biden or his family and associates—including the President.”

    A Treasury Department official told CBS News in an email that the department “provides SARs to Congress in a manner that enables robust oversight and that is consistent with how other sensitive law enforcement information is often produced.”

    “It is not a political process. Since the beginning of this Administration, Treasury has made SARs available in response to authorized committee requests and continues to engage on the process with any individual members seeking information,” the official said.

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mike kerrigan

Why would you expect anything else from “Brandon and Bunch – the most transparent and uniting administration”….


F our corrupt govt…the TRUTH will prevail

Joann Tyma

So sick and tired of this administration and the lying media covering for this president and his corrupt family. So much FACTUAL evidence and nothing is being done about it..And yet Trump was put thru hell with the Russian Collusion with NO evidence at all.It was all made up by Hillary and the demo-rats..Can’t wait until Nov when we take back the house and senate.Than HOPEFULLY they will get what’s coming to them..JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL..🙏🙏


Actually they’re covering for the whole crooked Demonrat party just like all of the other government offices.

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