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January 1, Here’s Where Americans Live Longest (And Shortest)



Newly released data from the National Center for Health Statistics sheds light on life expectancy across the country.

Americans born in Hawaii and California live the longest, at 80.9 years each.

Those in New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, and Colorado live more than 80 years on average.

Conversely, residents of Southern states have a lower median life expectancy than the national average.

Those residing in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama live less than 76 years on average, while those born in West Virginia and Mississippi are expected to live less than 75 years.

The data shows that women tend to live longer than men.

The average woman’s life expectancy is now north of 80 years old in more than two-thirds of states. The median man’s life expectancy is lower than 79 years old in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

The federal data shows the life expectancy of Americans in 2019, amid the opioid crisis and ahead of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fourteen states saw a drop in life expectancy between 2018 and 2019, including North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, and Rhode Island.


These parts of US are where Americans live longest and shortest

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