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January 1, Gas Price Increase: Now averages $3.02 per gallon



How are you doing, Americans

The price of regular-grade gasoline has increased over the last couple of weeks, making it $3.02 per gallon on the average. That’s $1.05 higher than it was in 2020. If you’re living in the San Francisco Bay Area, price is even higher at $4.16 per gallon. A price increase of any commodity is not welcome during the pandemic.

Rep. Liz Cheney could be ousted from her position as chairwoman of the caucus by the House Republicans this Wednesday. She may be replaced by a younger congresswoman — Rep. Elise Stefanik. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is on board, officially endorsing Stefanik on Sunday.

As Florida eases mandates on COVID-19 restrictions, the rate of younger people getting admitted to hospitals due to Covid-19 is increasing. These are patients in the working-age bracket between 30 and 50 years old while hospitalizations for older age groups decreases. Part of the reason is that almost 80% of Floridians over the age of 65 are fully vaccinated.

A failed postrace drug test can jeopardize Medina Spirit’s victory in the Kentucky Derby. The test outcome led Churchill Downs to suspend Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert on Sunday. “If the findings are upheld, Medina Spirit’s [victory] will be invalidated and Mandaloun will be declared the winner,” Churchill Downs officials said. Cheating doesn’t bring glory.

Most of us live in comfort due to the advancement of technology. What do you think will it bring in the next 20 years. Experts say, connected underground greenhouses where food can be grown, AI that will look after children and drones that will call people in for meals. Forget about Zoom. Workers will do meetings with hologram versions of their colleagues sitting next to them. And hopefully, no more pandemic.

Jimmy Kimmel has one word to describe Caitlyn Jenner for her views on California’s homeless population — “ignorant”. During Jenner’s interview with Sean Hannity, she condemned California’s homeless crisis because it’s the reason why her friends are leaving the state. She even shared a story about a one friend who was packing up his hangar because he “can’t walk down the streets and see the homeless.” She want to be California governor, guys.

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