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January 1, Former Cardinal criminally charged for alleged sexual abuse of a minor



Good morning Americans,

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is facing criminal charges in Massachusetts for the alleged sexual abuse of a minor nearly 50 years ago. McCarrick, who was defrocked by The Vatican in 2019 over abuse allegations, is charged with three counts of indecent assault and battery on a person over 14. The unnamed victim outlined multiple incidents of alleged abuse that occurred over years. “Historically, this is the first time ever in the United States that a Cardinal has been criminally charged with a sexual crime against a minor,” said the victim’s attorney Mitchell Garabedian.

US Capitol Police (USCP) received orders to enforce a mask mandate on the House-side of the Capitol by arresting visitors and staff who refuse to comply, according to an internal memo obtained by Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL). “This is such an overstep of Speaker Pelosi’s authority to basically make our Capitol Police arrest staff members and report on members [of Congress],” Cammack said. A spokesperson for Nancy Pelosi said that the order did not come from her. “The speaker of the House does not control the US Capitol Police,” spokesperson Drew Hammill said. “We were unaware of the memo until it was reported in the press.”

Simone Biles’ sponsors are praising her decision to withdraw from the Olympics to favor her mental health. Her choice to depart from competition has been the subject of some scrutiny. “We are past the time when athletes like Simone are valued simply for their athletic prowess,” said Jim Andrews, founder of A-Mark Partnership Strategies. “She has earned a place in gymnastics history and has proven herself to be an amazing spokesperson and influencer who has much to offer brands even without competing and eventually in retirement.” Athleta, Visa, and Nabisco all issued similar statements of support for the 24-year-old.

Some Democrats are worried about Kamala Harris’ poll numbers. A recent poll indicates that 48 percent of Americans disapprove of the VP’s performance. The results mirror other recent surveys that seem to place her behind President Joe Biden, who shows 51 percent approval and 43 percent disapproval. “As of right now, I think she has the potential of doing more harm than good for some of these candidates,” said one Democratic strategist. Even some of Harris’ associates are skeptical of her odds for success. “No one is coming out and saying she’s doing an amazing job, because the first question would be ‘On what?'” said one Harris ally.

In further Capitol Police news, Senate approved a $2.1 billion spending measure for the USCP. The force is on the brink of running out of funds, so the measure is meant to avoid furloughs and pay for overtime, training, and more. The measure passed with a final vote of 98-0. “The last six months have pushed those who protect the U.S. Capitol to the limits. In the face of unprecedented adversity, they responded heroically,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said before the vote. Now the legislation moves to the House for approval. If it passes, as is expected, it would be sent to Biden’s desk.

Housing advocates are concerned that evictions will drastically rise next week when the Covid-19 relief eviction moratorium ends. Renters have been shielded from eviction by the moratorium put in place by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The government allocated $47 billion for rental assistance, but only 6.5% of the funds have been delivered. The impact will be more severe in states that don’t have strong eviction protections in place. The moratorium was initially set to expire at the end of June, but the White House extended it until July 31. The Biden administration confirmed that the order would expire, as the Supreme Court said it would block additional extensions unless authorized by Congress.

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