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January 1, Foreigner fueled Giuliani associate’s donations, prosecutors say



Prosecuting attorneys opened the trial against an associate of Rudy Giuliani this past week, arguing that a $1 million donation from a Russian financier was meant to influence US politicians illicitly.

The trial of Lev Parnas and Andrey Kukushkin opened with Assistant US Attorney Aline Flodr alleging that the defendants conspired to hide illegal foreign campaign contributions.

Only about $100,000 of that amount ever made it into the possession of politicians, the lawyers said.

Flodr called Andry Muraviev a “Russian tycoon.”

The first witness, Wesley Duncan, testified that he returned a $10,000 donation to Parnas because his campaign was dubious of its legality.

“As soon as we found that out, we sent it back,” said Duncan, a former Republican candidate for Nevada Attorney General.

Giuliani is not a defendant in the case, and prosecutors haven’t referenced him so far.


Prosecutor: Foreigner fueled Giuliani associate’s donations

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