January 16, 2022

Floridians Tell ‘Woke’ New Yorkers to Stay Out

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Floridians Tell ‘Woke’ New Yorkers to Stay Out

In Palm Beach, Florida, some parked cars with New York license plates discovered a note on their window, urging them to leave the state if they subscribe to “woke” ideologies.

“If you are one of those ‘woke’ people — leave Florida. You will be happier elsewhere, as will we,” the note reads.

“Residents were concerned about the lack of civility and respect for personal property. We understood that concern and that’s why we started to look into the matter but we determined … it was non-criminal in nature,” said Capt. William Rothrock, the Palm Beach Police Department’s public information officer.

“As uncivil as it may be and not characteristic of our community, it is not a crime.”

Despite the unfriendly message, some Florida residents say that all are welcome.

“I feel like people should be welcomed rather than disregarded like that and being told they can’t come down here,” a Florida resident told Fox News. “Everyone should be welcome anywhere as long as they aren’t causing anyone any harm.”

One local said whoever wrote the message was exercising their First Amendment rights.

“Free speech, First Amendment,” a resident named Debbie told the outlet. “They are not being abusive, they’re not being physical. They are participating in their First Amendment right, and we don’t want them here, we don’t want to turn this state, ever.”

Another Florida-based individual named Gregory told Fox News that he believes the flyers came from someone out-of-state.

“Our governor, [Ron] DeSantis, we love him, most people don’t love him,” Gregory said. “So, I think people are just trying to come down and rile up things here in Florida because we got it together and some people don’t.”


Floridians respond to flyers telling ‘woke’ New Yorkers to stay out of Sunshine State

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