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Florida Deputies Gun Down Knife-Wielding Suspect



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A knife-wielding suspect, Matvey Klimenko, was gunned down by Florida deputies as he was about to stab a police dog. Klimenko was holding his ex-girlfriend hostage at knifepoint and had several outstanding warrants.

After several hours of negotiation, he bolted from the home and was pursued by police. Deputies called in a K-9 unit to assist in their search and later spotted Klimenko in the front yard of a nearby home.

A video shows Klimenko holding a knife as the dog closes in while several deputies scream at him to drop his weapon. Several shots were fired, and Klimenko was later pronounced dead. The incident is being investigated to determine if the shooting was justified and in compliance with departmental procedure.

Because this video is disturbing I will add it as a LINK YOU CAN WATCH HERE IF YOU CHOOSE

I don’t know about y’all, but when I hear about a man holding his ex-girlfriend hostage at knifepoint, I don’t feel much sympathy for him. I understand that everyone has a right to due process and a fair trial, but in this case, it seems pretty clear to me that the deputies did what they had to do to protect the innocent.


Matvey Klimenko was a dangerous man with a history of domestic violence cases, and his own family had filed restraining orders against him. He broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home, threatened to kill her, and held her at knifepoint. What were the deputies supposed to do, wait and see if he followed through on his threats?

I know some people might say that the deputies should have used non-lethal force, but let’s be real here. Klimenko was wielding a knife and was about to stab a police dog. That’s not someone who can be reasoned with or subdued with a taser.

In my opinion, the deputies did the right thing by using lethal force to neutralize the threat. It’s unfortunate that it had to come to that, but sometimes, when you’re dealing with violent criminals, you don’t have a choice.

It’s a dangerous job, and I’m grateful for the men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

Source: NY Post