October 18, 2022

First Lady Jill Biden Booed at NFL Game

First lady Jill Biden did not experience brotherly love at the Philadelphia Eagles game on Sunday night.

Biden, who grew up in a Philadelphia suburb, was met with boos when she stepped onto Lincoln Financial Field ahead of the matchup between the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.

The first lady was an honorary captain for the Eagles and was also there to promote the Biden administration’s Cancer Moonshot initiative. She was joined on the field by cancer patients and their families.

Biden also led a rendition of “Fly Eagles Fly,” which was partially aired on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” though no booing could be heard on the broadcast.

President Joe Biden and the first lady are both noted Eagles fans.

“Philadelphia fans are the most informed and most obnoxious fans in the world,” the president said in May of last year.

Source: Fox News

7 comments on First Lady Jill Biden Booed at NFL Game

  1. john fudacz says:

    with some of the shit she spouts off ,she deserve it !! part of the liberal crap comes from her !

    1. Ron Ells says:

      Even Nazi morons are entitled to their opinions!

  2. Hurray for Philadelphia, I am originally from PA. but retired in S. C. and they need to get more BOOHING where ever they go. You are so correct JOHN.

  3. Kat says:

    Funny every time the BIdens get booed the video gets lost and not available…Biden got Booed at the super bowl as soon as he was installed like a toilet in the White House… Numerous sport events scream LETS GO BRANDON…MEAING F BIDEN Can’t believe this dictator is alowed to be in the White House we all know he could not get 8 people at a rally and were suppose to believe he got 81 million…Trump who got up to 50,000 a rally 3 x a day actually got 83 million as we find out in the audits Go to FrankSpeech.com and find out from each state how much Trump won those states by in reality..Like he did not win Ohio at 490,000 but a MILLION. Trump rallies still get up to 50,000 in 48 hrs notice and this is 2 years after he supposedly lost..Trump broke Elvis Presley outdoor record in Texas of 80,000.this year…10,000 x more than Biden could get at a rally …This country is F up. VOTE RED to get our country back!!

  4. America is in trouble. Our terrible government is following the foot-steps of history, and that is socialism. We have hugh elected officals that can’t make good decisions for the greed of power in their hearts. That includes both parties. Booing the first lady should be a warning sign that America is going down by manipulation of our equal justic system. The sound of booing tells us we know the politicians are cheating. Better wake up American’s, which includes the christians, you are about to lose your freedom of life. History is in our faces and many will die from doing nothing, because they think GOD will come to save them. Just like the millions died in World War II.

  5. Al E Gator says:

    Booed? I thought for sure they would chant, “Let’s Go Mrs Brandon!”

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