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January 1, Feds Accused of Covering up Nursing Home Deaths



This Day in History | 1970

Apollo 11 launches from Cape Canaveral Florida on a mission to the moon. However, during space flight, an oxygen tank exploded endangering the crew. The mission was aborted, but against the odds, the crew managed to return safely to earth.

Good morning Middle Americans, 

The staggering number of COVID-19 cases could be just the tip of the iceberg. The ability to test folks continues to be a massive problem. So we don’t know how many people are walking around, or have been walking around with the virus. And now according to a report from the Wall Street Journal we are getting new insight on just how devastating the novel cornavirus has been to these facilities. 

Also an NBC news report says the numbers may be grossly understated because the federal government is tracking this very closely. 

We also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for subscribing and reading this newsletter each day. The media are struggling to adapt to the new world we are living in. We work very hard to curate these stories from trusted sources so you can stay informed. We have a story below about how bad the coronavirus pandemic has been for the news industry. 

Finally today, Virginia’s Democrat led legislature has now passed some extremely restrictive gun law, and now with the governor’s signature we can expect a backlash. 

-Fraser Dixon

Coronavirus Strikes at Least 2,100 Senior Facilities Across U.S., Killing 2,300 People

(The Wall Street Journal) – The new coronavirus has hit more than 2,100 nursing homes and other senior facilities around the U.S., killing over 2,300 people, according to a survey by The Wall Street Journal, an indication the pandemic’s toll in these facilities has been greater than the federal government has reported.

Nursing homes and other senior-living facilities in the U.S. have reported at least 15,473 coronavirus cases, according to data collected from 37 states that responded to requests from the Journal, which contacted all 50 health departments.

Families with mothers and fathers in nursing homes, or preparing to place a relative in a facility, have wanted to know the risks their loved ones face, advocates say. Yet disclosure practices vary, and there often isn’t information publicly available about individual facilities’ coronavirus cases.

The closest the federal government came to detailing the virus’s full impact on nursing homes came last month, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported there had been more than 400 long-term care facilities with coronavirus cases in the U.S. as of March 27.

More than 2,200 Coronavirus Deaths in Nursing Homes, but Federal Government Isn’t Tracking Them

(NBC News) – Nearly 2,500 long-term care facilities in 36 states are battling coronavirus cases, according to data gathered by NBC News from state agencies, an explosive increase of 522 percent compared to a federal tally just 10 days ago.

The total dwarfs the last federal estimate on March 30 — based on “informal outreach” to state health departments — that more than 400 nursing homes had at least one case of the virus.

The full scale of the virus’ impact is even greater than NBC News’ tally, as key states including Florida did not provide data, and nursing homes across the United States are still struggling for access to testing.

News Media Have Been Ravaged by the Pandemic

(Austin American Statesman) – Roughly 28,000 workers at news companies nationwide have been laid off, furloughed or had their pay reduced. Some publications that rely on ads have shut down.

The news media business was shaky before the coronavirus started spreading across the country last month. Since then, the economic downturn that put nearly 17 million Americans out of work has led to pay cuts, layoffs and shutdowns at many news outlets, including weeklies like Seven Days in Burlington, Vt., and Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper chain.

Virginia Governor Signs Gun-Control Bills into Law

(ABC News) – Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has signed several new gun restrictions he championed during this year’s legislative session, cementing gains by gun control advocates they hope will serve as a “blueprint” for states around the country. 

The Old Dominion has been the epicenter of the nation’s gun debate after Democrats took full control of the General Assembly last year on an aggressive gun control platform. Tens of thousands of gun owners from around the country rallied against new gun restrictions at the state Capitol in January while lawmakers ultimately approved 7 out of 8 of Northam’s gun-control package.

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