January 26, 2022

Federal Court: Alabama Electoral Maps Discriminate Against Black Voters

A federal court rejected Alabama’s newly proposed congressional district map because it underrepresents minority voters.

The map in its current form likely violates the Voting Rights Act, the court said.

The state legislature “must draft a new congressional map that complies with the Voting Rights Act by including two districts where Black voters have the opportunity to elect candidates of their choice,” ACLU Alabama said in a statement.

The three-judge panel sided unanimously with the plaintiffs, giving the Alabama legislature two weeks to draft another map that “will need to include two districts in which Black voters either comprise a voting-age majority or something quite close to it.”

If the state legislature fails to meet the February 11 deadline, the court will provide “an eminently qualified expert” to do so.

“The congressional map our Legislature enacted fails Alabama’s voters of color,” said plaintiff Evan Milligan. 

“We deserve to be heard in our electoral process, rather than have our votes diluted using a map that purposefully cracks and packs Black communities. Today, the court recognized this harm and has ordered our elected officials to do better. My co-plaintiffs and I hope that more Alabamians will embrace the important role we play in holding our officials accountable, until all of Alabama’s voters are fairly represented.”


Alabama electoral maps discriminate against Black voters, federal court rules


6 comments on Federal Court: Alabama Electoral Maps Discriminate Against Black Voters

  1. JJP says:

    It’s the old cracks-and-packs trick. Guess who pioneered that one? The great state of Massachusetts. That state has a long tradition of liberal bull$hit behind them.

  2. gary b vogt says:

    Pandering at it’s best or worst, depending on if you think you need to be a victim because some people jut don’t have the ability to convince others they have good leadership skills

  3. John Robert Rousselot says:

    Directing that districts be a majority of anything (in this case “black”) is just as bad as the legislature’s having created a district that wasn’t. Where does the court think it has the authority to direct racism?!

  4. Angela Jackson says:

    CANCEL CULTURE in full swing. Question black violence its not posted! WHY? Blacks have been given a free ride for at least 75 yrs+. Smithsonian is celebrating black history in February. dividing USA more! WHY?

  5. marc nielsen says:

    I smell freemasons at the bottom of this… CANCEL culture, prejudice, all bad things, theft, masks, mandates, disease and war. That is what democracy by the demonrats has brought us. The freemasons are the top rung of the ladder for not only building this country, but they also have a plan to destroy it. And I would just bet that each and every freemason is also a demonrat, it IS their nature, whether you want to believe it or not. On one hand they are the shriners, on the other hand they are the Klu Klux Klan… in both cases they are a SECRET society that is as sick as its secrets…

  6. DAY says:


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