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January 1, Federal Agents Raid WWE’s Vince McMahon Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations



World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) mogul Vince McMahon finds himself at the center of federal investigations, following a raid by federal agents. He has been ordered to appear in court.

Currently on indefinite sick leave post a spinal surgery, the 77-year-old is grappling with accusations of sexual misconduct brought forward by multiple women.

McMahon, who recently underwent spinal surgery, received a federal grand jury subpoena on July 17.

A search warrant was issued in response to numerous questionable payments alleged to have been made by him.

In a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing on Wednesday, WWE stated it had received “voluntary and compulsory legal demands for documents, including from federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies, concerning the investigation and related subject matters.”

Nick Khan, WWE CEO, remained tight-lipped during an earnings call on Wednesday about McMahon’s situation. He assured, however, that the organization would assist in any investigations.

In a related announcement, WWE disclosed McMahon’s medical leave due to “major spinal surgery.”

While he will continue to be on medical leave “until further notice,” he will maintain his role as Executive Chairman.

TMZ had previously reported McMahon’s successful surgery on July 28, which took roughly four hours to complete.

WWE further revealed that McMahon “has paid approximately $17.4 million to reimburse the Company for costs that have been incurred and paid by the Company,” in relation to an ongoing internal investigation into his alleged misconduct.

Notably, no charges have been formally filed against McMahon.

The scandal comes shortly after McMahon’s return to his Executive Chairman role, seven months ago, following a six-month hiatus.

His brief retirement was initiated in the wake of allegations that he paid a former employee $3 million to keep an alleged affair a secret.

McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, stepped in as interim CEO and chairwoman of WWE during his absence.

Her husband and renowned wrestler, Paul Levesque, known popularly as Triple H, assumed the role of chief content officer.

Notwithstanding the legal issues McMahon currently faces, WWE’s planned merger with Endeavour, the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is not expected to be delayed, according to Fite TV’s Jon Alba.

This merger, which will result in a company worth an estimated $21 billion, should be finalized in the coming months.

McMahon, with a net worth of about $3.2 billion as reported by Forbes, is currently caught in the maelstrom of these allegations.

This news came a day after Donald Trump, McMahon’s long-time friend and former US President, was indicted for his involvement in the January 6 riots in 2021.

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