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January 1, Fauci says US government would not mandate vaccine passports



Happy Tuesday, America!

During a Monday podcast, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the US federal government would not require vaccine passports for traveling Americans. He was actually skeptical that Biden’s administration would be the “main mover” of the new scheme.

In a major financial move, China unveils its entry into digital currency. This would give the Chinese an edge to become the pioneer in cyber money. Make your move, America.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that would allow him to run for two six-year terms in office. Meaning to say, he can hold the presidency until 2036. It looks like he does not want to seat in power any longer (pun intended).

A study revealed that people could not recognize screams of happiness and screams of terror. In fact, screams of joy are a lot harder to discern than screams of fear. I’m not sure how to react to this kind of news.

The US is currently facing a scarcity of ketchup. Issues have stemmed from supply chains that took a hit because of the pandemic. My french fries look sad now.

Piers Morgan has again made snide remarks against Meghan Markle. The renowned English anchor claimed that he was “under attack” by the American actress. Does this guy want to join the Royal family?

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Fraser Dixon


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