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January 1, Father calls on Facebook for action after video of his daughter’s murder resurfaces



TV news journalist Alison Parker was shot and killed while reporting in 2015, and video of her murder keeps resurfacing on Facebook and Instagram. Parker’s family asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take action against the social media monolith for failing to remove video of her death.

Andy Parker, Alison’s father, said the company violates its terms of service in hosting videos on Facebook and Instagram that glorify violence.

In Aug. 2015, a former co-worker shot and killed Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward. The gunman recorded the shootings, and that’s the footage that keeps resurfacing on the platforms.

“The reality is that Facebook and Instagram put the onus on victims and their families to do the policing of graphic content — requiring them to relive their worst moments over and over to curb the proliferation of these videos,” the complaint reads.


Slain reporters father takes on Facebook over video of shooting death

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