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January 1, Far-Left Activist Confronts DeSantis Aide Outside Her Home



In an audacious incident that underscores the volatility of the current political climate, Christina Pushaw, a key figure associated with Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, faced a surprise confrontation outside her home.

Who is Christina Pushaw? Christina Pushaw serves as the rapid response director for Governor Ron DeSantis. In her role, she is often at the forefront, addressing the media and representing the Governor’s stances on various matters.

Her work makes her a familiar face to those in Florida politics, but perhaps not universally known to the broader public.

The Incident: The scene took an unexpected turn when Grant Stern, the executive editor of Occupy Democrats, approached Pushaw unannounced.

As she was caught off-guard, Stern prodded her about swirling rumors regarding Governor DeSantis’ political future: “Christina, is Ron going to drop out of the race? Is Ron DeSantis gonna drop out?”

Stern’s ambush-style approach startled Pushaw, causing her to quickly make her way inside her residence.

The Daily Caller, in respect for Pushaw’s privacy, chose not to air Stern’s video since it was captured outside her private abode.

Grant Stern, in his recount of the event, mentioned recognizing Pushaw as she ambled by a Miami restaurant, prompting him to chase after her for a comment.

This unsolicited approach outside one’s home raises concerns about the boundary between public figures’ professional roles and their personal lives.

The Backdrop: The background to Stern’s abrupt questioning lies in a post by former President Donald Trump on Truth Social.

Trump suggested that DeSantis might pull out of the 2024 presidential primary to challenge Republican Florida Senator Rick Scott.

This rumor was swiftly debunked by DeSantis’ press secretary, Bryan Griffin, who dismissed it as “fake news.”

Griffin further emphasized in a tweet, “This is a two-man race, and we will carry this on to a win in this presidential primary.”

He highlighted the urgency for the Trump campaign to focus on bolstering their candidate’s efforts in Iowa and ensuring his presence on the debate stage.

Despite the rumor mill, current polls from FiveThirtyEight indicate Trump maintaining a considerable lead over DeSantis in the Republican primary.

Trump commands a 50.3% support base, whereas DeSantis lags at 14.8%.

While political rumors and speculation are part and parcel of the game, the manner in which they are addressed and pursued can often tell a larger story about the current state of discourse and decorum in the country.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rand

    September 6, 2023 at 8:58 am

    This is criminal behavior , and should not be allowed. Seems it is ONLY the LEFT who employ this tactic.

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