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January 1, Falsely Accused: The Real Leaders of January 6?



Steve Baker, known for his deep dives into the political world, has unearthed something he believes the world needs to know about the events of January 6.

Originally a musician and industry professional, Baker has transitioned into an investigative journalist, delving deep into the guarded secrets of the January 6 protest.

Steve’s findings have been featured in various documentaries and news platforms, including those by the New York Times and HBO, but his latest discovery might just turn the tables.

“Fast-forward two and a half years, and I just got a grand jury subpoena for it,” reveals Baker to James Poulos.

Baker found himself in an unusual situation after receiving threats of being charged with interstate racketeering by the FBI. He wonders if it’s because he “knew something was going to happen of an illegal nature,” which led him to travel to D.C.

What’s more surprising? Baker is among the handful of journalists who have access to over 41,000 hours of unseen footage from the protest.

During one of the trials, Baker sensed something odd, something that felt like “suppression of evidence” and “collusion” between Jeffrey Nestler, the lead prosecuting attorney, and Judge Amit Mehta. This prompted Baker to dig deeper, to uncover the untold stories and hidden truths of that day.

Baker reveals his methods, stating, “I backdoored my way into the Capitol to see these videos,” enabling him to witness evidence under court seal. He validated his suspicions about the suppression of potentially exculpatory evidence for the defendants.

However, his discoveries don’t stop there. Baker uncovered the manufacturing of non-existent evidence to convict and the scapegoating of individuals portrayed as the ‘leaders’ of the insurrection. According to him, these individuals are “not at all” the instigators and “have been falsely accused.”

Steve Baker, troubled yet determined, plans to expose these shocking revelations fully, stating that he’s ready to “get this off my chest.”

He hopes to soon bring a few Blaze reporters into the fold to witness the concealed tapes and unravel the tangled threads of the January 6 narratives.

What We Think

Steve Baker’s revelations bring forth disturbing concerns about the integrity of our legal proceedings surrounding the events of January 6. If there’s any truth to the alleged suppression and manipulation of evidence, it brings up serious concerns about justice being truly served.

We believe in the values of truth, justice, and an unadulterated representation of facts. It’s alarming to think individuals might be falsely portrayed and scapegoated, raising serious questions about the veracity of the narratives we’ve been told.

As patriots who deeply care about our nation’s principles, it is our duty to seek clarity and ensure justice is met with transparency and truth. We will be keenly awaiting further revelations from Baker, which could be pivotal in untangling the obscured and manipulated truths about January 6.

As our loyal readers, we encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions on this issue. Let your voice be heard and join the discussion below.




  1. Katydid

    September 26, 2023 at 7:46 pm

    If he is indeed right, and most Americans believe he is, then our country is in worse shape then anyone really thought. I know that there are many innocent men in jail without a conviction because of the evil that exists in our government. I hope they all get exonerated and are paid a princly sum for their incarceration

  2. Joe

    September 26, 2023 at 9:52 pm

    We are finding more evidence, that crazy,corrupt,n.piglosi is to blame for the lack of security.She was offered national guard troops many times and turned the request down. What was the reason, to set=up this whole jan6th episode, to blame Trump.But unfortunely, she got caught herself.With the evidence against piglosi, was to blame,when will the long arm of the law go get her.

    • Robert Oakley

      October 10, 2023 at 4:34 pm

      Agree 100%. The J6 prisoners are simply political prisoners of the antiAmerican biden administration and the corrupt democrats. Nothing will happen until President Trump or another Republican becomes president. 2024 can’t come soon enough. If democrats steal that election brace for civil war.

  3. Judy

    September 26, 2023 at 11:28 pm

    This is the type of justice you get with the Dem/Communists in charge of our government. These evil and demonic people must be taken out of our government and prosecuted for their crimes against our country and citizens. The media is complacent with these people and they only print and report what is beneficial to them and their bosses.

    • PMK

      October 10, 2023 at 11:31 pm

      This is the kind of justice that you get for voting ‘Party, Color, Religion, Ethnic, etc.’ instead of doing your due diligence on each person running for office. Plus we have an added destroyer as in GS and others who are buying votes, like Zuck, J Bez, etc. and so much of the other big money people. GS has stated that he wants to destroy the US. BTW, WE are just as much at fault for letting these behaviors continue to escalate over the decades. WE need to put a Referendum on the Ballot that all electees must follow the laws they enact for us. Please read Tytler’s Cycle of Democracy and Wilmington, NC 1898 (where you will read about the actual 1st (real) insurrection. Why didn’t the FED check out all the Antifa and BLM people who were on the tapes, as they have files on most of them.

  4. Lillian C Reheusser

    September 26, 2023 at 11:46 pm

    Since it’s inception, it has always been evident to clear thinking individuals that this whole situation and prosecution was nothing but a scam. Please, do not stop. Get to the bottom of this anti-American behavior on the part of the Democrat party. The more we uncover the more we realize that they have been out to destroy the country probably since their inception. They prey on what they perceive to be the weak and too many people fall for their lies and deceptions. They think we are all stupid. They have said as much when planning their Obama care. We all need to wise up before we allow them to totally destroy us.L

  5. jonathan Edwards

    September 27, 2023 at 5:15 pm

    The people in prison from the January 6th event need to be set free. A woman was killed and the one responsible for her death needs to see the prison.

  6. Robert Branscome

    September 28, 2023 at 8:15 am

    We all know now that the federal law enforcement and the liberal democrats are working to destroy everything that someone else other than them believe or want. This is the way to destroy all hopes of ever standing up for all the illegal things that the politicans in DC and the ones behind them are doing. They intend to take control of this country and turn it into a slave state as China and other slave countries are.

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