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January 1, False alarm: Kamala Harris ‘The View’ interview delayed over false-positive COVID tests



A highly-anticipated live appearance on “The View” by Vice President Kamala Harris was repeatedly delayed after two co-hosts tested positive for COVID-19 and left the set mid-show Friday. As it turns out, the kerfuffle was all for nothing, as a source told The Post that the results were false positives.

The source said the positive results came from tests administered on Thursday, and two rounds of follow-ups were negative. It is unclear why the results from Thursday’s tests weren’t passed along until mid-show on Friday morning.

Joy Behar promoted the appearance as Harris’ “very first, in-studio” interview. She initially told viewers that the vice president would still appear in person after the set was cleaned during a commercial break.

However, the appearance became fully remote as Harris videoed in from another room in the building with eight minutes left in the show’s runtime.


Kamala Harris goes remote on ‘The View’ after hosts get false positive COVID results: source

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Inkslinger003

    September 27, 2021 at 1:06 pm

    OK, now that we know that the delays and changes in the Harris interview were false, what can we find out about the real reason for VP Harris’ failure to appear ‘live’ to discuss with the full View panel? For example, how many times has VP Harris appeared since election with a panel like this for unscripted discussion? Or, is there any unfinished business between Harris and the View panel members? Just asking, because the ‘official’ reason is hard to believe. Who has better information, please post.

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