December 5, 2021

Experts Say Alec Baldwin Interview ‘May Backfire’

Legal experts say Alec Baldwin’s recent televised interview wherein he discussed the fatal shooting on the Rust set “was a mistake.”

On Thursday night, Baldwin had his first sit-down interview since the shooting on the set that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The actor told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he did not pull the trigger when the gun went off.

“Baldwin says he didn’t pull the trigger, but that doesn’t absolve him from civil and potential criminal liability,” former assistant U.S. attorney Neama Rahmani, the president and co-founder of West Coast Trial Lawyers, explained.

“Baldwin’s finger should have been nowhere near the hammer or the trigger, even if we are to believe the gun misfired. Nor should Baldwin ever point a firearm at another human being, even if cinematographer Halyna Hutchins told him to and he believed it wasn’t loaded or had blanks.”

“From a legal perspective, Baldwin’s interview was a mistake,” he said. “His statements can and will be used against him in the civil lawsuits and any potential criminal prosecution. And Baldwin’s attorneys can’t use the interview to help him because his answers are hearsay. At best, the interview was a calculated public relations move that may backfire.”


Alec Baldwin’s interview following ‘Rust’ shooting ‘was a mistake,’ legal experts say: It ‘may backfire’

One comment on “Experts Say Alec Baldwin Interview ‘May Backfire’

  1. Tod Foulk says:

    so sad all around i wish he was in scouts or dad was military etc and he was taught proper handling. it will be a law now like halyna’s law or something. all actors etc need training, blanks or no. i dont care who you are everyone needs it. i was trained as a child in hunters safety and know better 45 yrs later, and this is just sad

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