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January 1, Ex-Michigan House Speaker Charged with Accepting Bribes



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Rick Johnson, the former Michigan House Speaker and chairman of the Michigan Marijuana Licensing Board, has been federally charged with accepting over $100,000 in bribes from cannabis companies seeking to obtain licenses. Along with three others, John Dalaly, Brian Pierce, and Vincent Brown, Johnson pleaded guilty to the charges brought by U.S. attorney Mark Totten in the Western District of Michigan.

“What we’ve learned today is that one of its key leaders … acted corruptly and did so at a moment that mattered most for those who want to get ahead in this industry,” said Totten at a Thursday press conference, emphasizing that Johnson’s actions were a betrayal of trust and undermined the integrity of the marijuana industry, which was seen as an “equalizing opportunity” for those seeking to enter the market.

According to the attorney’s office, Johnson admitted to taking cash payments and benefits while providing “valuable non-public information” and assistance with license application matters to Dalaly, Pierce, Brown, and others during his time as chairman from May 2017 to April 2019. Cash payments were made to three business groups, and Johnson used Philip Alan Brown Consulting and Michigan Grower’s Consultants to hide those payments. Pierce and Brown were lobbyists for these companies.

The investigation revealed that between July 2018 and April 2019, Johnson voted in favor of approving the prequalification status of one of Dalaly’s companies and a company represented by Pierce and Brown, and granted medical marijuana licenses to those companies.

“All four men agreed to cooperate with the FBI and attorney’s office throughout the investigation of the explicit charges and any other federal crimes,” stated Totten during the press conference. The FBI has been warning states about the threat of corruption in the cannabis industry, with similar crimes reported in other states. Michigan legalized marijuana in 2018, and the Cannabis Regulatory Agency has been overseeing the licensing process for recreational use.

“It is always a sad day when someone who enjoys the trust of the people abuses that trust for his or her personal gain,” said Michigan FBI Special Agent Jim Tarasca. State officials in Arkansas and Missouri have also faced corruption allegations in the cannabis industry in recent years, according to Politico.

Bottom Line

The recent charges of bribery against former Michigan House Speaker Rick Johnson and others in the cannabis industry are deeply concerning. Corruption in any industry undermines the integrity of the system and erodes public trust. It is crucial that we uphold the rule of law and promote transparency and accountability in all sectors.

The allegations of accepting bribes and providing non-public information by Johnson, who was also the former chairman of the Michigan Marijuana Licensing Board, highlight the need for robust regulations and oversight in the cannabis industry. This case serves as a reminder that the legalization of marijuana should not be a gateway to unethical and illegal activities.

Law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies must diligently investigate and prosecute any corrupt practices in the cannabis industry, and those found guilty should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. It is important for lawmakers and officials to ensure that proper checks and balances are in place to prevent corruption and maintain the integrity of the cannabis licensing and regulatory process.

As responsible citizens, we have a duty to be vigilant and engaged in holding our elected officials and industry leaders accountable.

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Source: Detroit Free Press

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