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January 1, ESPN Reporter Bloodied in Accident at PGA Tour



ESPN anchor Sage Steele was left “covered in blood” after an errant tee shot struck her during the PGA of America.

A shot from Jon Rahm hit Steele, and one eyewitness said they “saw her on the ground, holding her nose, mouth or chin area” and her hands “covered in blood.”

Geoff Shackelford of The Quadrilateral said: “I was standing behind the tee when Rahm hit a hard hook into the left trees. He immediately yelled, ‘Fore Left!’ and aggressively waved his arm pointing left.”

Shackelford said the “impact must have been brutal” as the shot “ended up in the center of the fairway.”

According to the ESPN broadcast, the shot traveled 281 yards at 181 mph.


ESPN’s Sage Steele Hit By A Jon Rahm Tee Shot

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