December 1, 2021

Epstein’s Pilot Says Bill Clinton and Donald Trump Both Flew Aboard ‘Lolita Express’

On Tuesday, Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime pilot testified as part of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial, dropping big names of VIP passengers on the private jet known as the “Lolita Express” — including former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. testified on the second day of Maxwell’s trial, revealing the names of several high-profile passengers: Clinton, Trump, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, actor Kevin Spacey, and former astronaut John Glenn. Visoski said Clinton was a passenger multiple times.

The pilot was the government’s first witness, and he also shed light on the layout of Epstein’s properties in New York and Paris, and his private island in the Caribbean, Little St. James. Although locals nicknamed the location “Pedophile Island,” Visoski claimed he didn’t recall seeing any underaged girls aboard the jet.

“I didn’t notice anybody of a younger nature without an adult or parent,” Visoski testified. “I didn’t know anybody’s exact age at all.”

Visoski served as Epstein’s pilot from 1991 to 2019. The Daily Beast reported that the testimony indicated the two men had a “chummy relationship.”

In addition to Epstein’s properties, he also provided details about Maxwell’s various Manhattan apartments. He said he’d once installed a home theater at the top floor of her townhouse on the Upper East Side.


Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilot Dishes on Flights With Donald Trump—But Claims He Never Saw Underage Girls

One comment on “Epstein’s Pilot Says Bill Clinton and Donald Trump Both Flew Aboard ‘Lolita Express’

  1. Jane C Dewberry says:

    The question is not necessarily “who was on the plane”; but what they did while on the plane, what they did once they reached their destination, especially if it was “pedophile island”, and if their actions were criminal or not. There are some persons mentioned whom all would believe were involved in criminal behavior involving minors and some persons mentioned who are probably unwitting participants who had no idea what the norm was for Epstein’s frequent flyers. I would ask the witness, Mr. Visoski, to provide hard evidence proving those he’s mentioned were guilty of criminal activity or not, rather than just take his word. After all, he was Epstein’s pilot for almost 20 years and he’s testifying that he never saw anyone underage on the plane unless accompanied by an “adult” or parent. Considering most of the people on the plane were adults, that leaves a lot to be considered. Perhaps, that bit of his testimony was to cover his backside and keep him from being considered an “accomplice” because if Epstein and Visoski had a “chummy relationship”, as indicated, he would have had some inkling of what perverse behavior was taking place.

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