April 12, 2022

Dr. Oz Earns Trump’s Endorsement

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Mehmet Oz — better known as Dr. Oz — in his bid for the Pennsylvania Senate.

“Dr. Oz is Pro-Life, very strong on Crime, the Border, Election Fraud, our Great Military, and our Vets, Tax Cuts, and will always fight for and support our under-siege Second Amendment. He will ensure America will become Energy Independent again. Dr. Oz also passionately believes in high-quality education and protecting parent involvement throughout the process,” Trump said in a statement.

“Perhaps most importantly, I believe that Mehmet Oz will be the one most able to win the General Election against a Radical Left Democrat looking to do unthinkable harm to our Country.”

However, some Republicans have spoken out against Trump’s endorsement of Oz, including Sean Parnell, Trump’s Senate pick before he dropped out of the race amid an acrimonious custody battle.

“You’re not America First. You’re not a conservative. You’re not even from Pennsylvania,” Parnell tweeted at Oz. “Hell no.”

“I have enormous respect for President Trump. I was honored to have his endorsement in PA. Twice. But I’m disappointed by this. Oz is the antithesis of everything that made Trump the best president of my lifetime — he’s the farthest thing from America First & he’d be very bad for PA,” Parnell wrote in another tweet.


Trump endorses Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race

One comment on “Dr. Oz Earns Trump’s Endorsement

  1. ox says:

    Oz isn’t from Pa? Who cares, long as Oz does the job. Hillary Clinton wasn’t exactly from NY, and became a Senator from NY and couldn’t do the job. Parnell’s argument doesn’t hold it’s weight.

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