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January 1, Dorian Destroys the Bahamas as Florida Braces for Partial Impact



Good Morning Middle Americans & Happy Labor Day!

After seeing the destruction in the Bahamas, we got the house all boarded up and decided to head for higher ground.  Evacuation complete. It still looks like our part of Florida is going to get some very high sustained winds and likely damage from Hurricane Dorian’s glancing blow.  We are sending prayers to our friends in the Bahamas. The Guardian has some video of the destruction here, and it’s heartbreaking. 

Meanwhile, the death toll has risen to seven in Texas after America’s latest mass shooting. President Trump says he will work with Congress to stop this scourge on the nation.  We’ll see what happens, but don’t hold your breath. 

Also, the US and Taliban are nearing a peace deal in Afghanistan, which would effectively end America’s longest war. American Airlines is extending cancelations of flights on their troubled Boeing 737 MAX flights.  And finally today, something just for fun to take your mind off the storm – Costco is selling a $900 cheese wheel. Parm for everyone!  Read all about it. 

  • Fraser Dixon

Trump Says He’ll Work with Congress to Stop Mass Shootings

(AP) – President Trump spoke shortly after the death toll in Saturday’s rampage in West Texas rose to seven as authorities worked to understand why a man pulled over for a traffic infraction opened fire on state troopers and fled. He shot more than 20 people before he was killed by police. A motive has not been released.

Read more from the Associated Press here

U.S. and Taliban Near Peace Deal on Afghanistan

(Reuters) – “We are at the threshold of an agreement that will reduce violence and open the door for Afghans to sit together to negotiate an honorable and sustainable peace and a unified, sovereign Afghanistan that does not threaten the United States, its allies, or any other country,” Zalmay Khalilzad, the Afghan-born U.S. diplomat overseeing negotiations for Washington, said in a Twitter post.

Read more from Reuters here

American Airlines Extends Boeing 737 Max Cancellations

(CNN) – While the announcement leaves open the possibility that American will resume flights on the plane for the busy holiday season, it also underlines the duration of the 737 Max grounding, which is now in its sixth month. Boeing originally hoped to get approval for the aircraft to fly again months ago.

Costco Selling 72-pound Cheese Wheel for $900

(Fox News) – As is to be expected in all matters of cheese, reviewers on Costco’s official listing page had a whole lot to say about the charming hunk of parm.

“Bought this as a surprise for my son’s wedding reception (he is a fiend for the stuff). With the help of YouTube instructions and the proper tools and his good buddy, he and his brother cracked open the Parm in front of family and friends, to great applause and cheers,” one commenter gushed. “It was fun to watch and actually quite beautiful! The cheese is magnificent; fragrant and delicious.”

Parm fans can find out more from Fox News here

This Day in History | 1945

Japan formally surrenders to the United States officially ending World War Two. 

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